“Made it Ma. Top of the world.”

cagney in white heat

Two straight years on line with at least one posting per day. Getting something on here has become part of my daily routine and some nights I’ve barely made my self appointed publishing deadline. But I’ve persevered and now it’s time to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to drop in and see what I have to say about films. Mostly of the classic variety and the other odd item I feel compelled to share from my vast collection of film posters and novelty items.

A special thank you once again to Kristina of Speakeasy who has joined me in various ventures and invited me to participate in many on line functions I wouldn’t even know exist if she hadn’t pointed the way. Here’s our last video get together. Yes we’re overdue for another but we’re working on it and other ideas.

borgnine north

This past year offered plenty of viewing pleasures thanks to the number of blogathons going on out there that allowed me to share my views on films like Jubal, Tarzan The Ape Man, Von Ryan’s Express and Ernest Borgnine’s villainy in Emperor Of the North. Thanks to all those who put their energies into organizing these time consuming endeavors.

Those of you who have become regular visitors I am sure are catching on to my many likes when it comes to movies and one is definitely to feature some of my favorite character actors. Folks like Warren Oates, Charles McGraw, Anthony Caruso, Jack Elam and Klaus Kinski.


Speaking of Kinski I finally saw his spaghetti western The Great Silence. Do yourself a favor and get a copy.

When it comes to movie posters I love the classic images and as many of you know have been collecting them since my first allowance. I love featuring many film stars in poster galleries and doing my best to sneak in a self serving shot as well. Folks like Lee Marvin, Glenn Ford, Dan Duryea, Jean Arthur and Brando. Not surprisingly my most hit upon post of the year was the Pam Grier poster gallery.

I’m always trying to vary the genres I watch and talk about so here are some of the gems I came across for the first time. Theodora Goes Wild, Topper, The October Man, The Brighton Strangler, Woman In Hiding – really loved this Noir title.

woman in hiding

Great revisits include The Wild Bunch (high on my favorites list), The Omega Man, the hilarity of The Monster, Inferno and seeing White Line Fever for the first time in over twenty years. Loved it! And how could I turn down a chance to revisit Jackie Brown with number two son Kirk? Ever heard of The Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County? Made for a fun revisit. I’ve always had a soft spot for Jimmy Stewart’s western drama Shenandoah and as usual had to reach for the tissue box.

When it comes to campy flicks I never seem to get enough of them. How about Island of The Fish Men or The Thing With Two Heads? Then there is the Franco Nero gem the Shark Hunter. Don’t like Nero and sharks? How about Vic Morrow and a Great White. Hillbillies in a Haunted House shouldn’t be missed either. I even squeezed The Devil Bat in just under the year end deadline.When it comes to the hammiest, campiest film I happened to slide into my DVD player this year that nod goes to the Jeff Chandler – Joan Crawford mystery thriller Female On The Beach.

chandler and crawford

As is our custom, Kristina and I continued to feature films in our ongoing Mad Movie Challenge series. I thank her for giving me a nudge towards Going Hollywood, Odd Man Out and especially an outstanding Noir gem with Lizabeth Scott and Dan Duryea titled Too Late For Tears.

I sometimes mix music into the proceedings in order to squeeze in my music heroes and songs somehow associated with movies. Songs like It’s All In The Movies, Whatever Happened to Randolph Scott and The Ballad of the Duke. Even a clip of Robert Mitchum singing.


On occasion I featured an actor over a period of five days or more. It was great fun to go on an Oliver Reed fest. Titles like Crossed Swords, Sitting Target and Castaway which garnered more hits then any other review I posted this year. The Robert Taylor-Eleanor Parker trilogy, Burt Lancaster by the decade was a blast. Any time I get to watch Burt in The Train is time well spent.

The best time I had this year was probably the Halloween count down Kristina and I set up this year for 10 days. Gave me a chance to rewatch faves like Race With the Devil, Theater of Blood, The Black Cat and War of the Gargantuas. These were all part of our Why Horror? Why Not? fest.

duke and bacall

Finally some of my personal favorite topics and thoughts. John Wayne and the Duke Dozen. Duke’s swan song and probably my favorite post I wrote this year The Shootist. The Burt Reynolds Starter Kit. Lon Chaney in Tell It To The Marines. Seeing the Japanese Daimajin for the first time and being so impressed. Off to a revival theater to see the big cat flick with Tippi Hedren, Roar.

If you missed my April Fools prank, here it is. Digging the Bronson File out of the closet. The most ironic story of collecting movies I can relay to anyone is probably what happened to me earlier this year.

Yes I did watch movies released in this century over the past twelve months. Quite a few ranging from time wasters like Hot Pursuit to over the top nonsense like Machete Kills. One of the funnier scenes I recall was seeing Tom Hardy as a super secret agent scaring the hell out of children in a paint ball shooting gallery while trying to impress Reese Witherspoon. Seeing Gravity was a fantastic experience and I wish I had gone to see it on the big screen after all.


If I really had to narrow the field to films that stood out personally. I’d go with two flicks that actually had the same actor. Bill Murray was outstanding in St. Vincent and he also turned up in The Grand Budapest Hotel which I thought was a truly imaginative piece of film making from Wes Anderson.

No guarantees I continue the one a day pace as two years was my goal to get a start in the blogging world. Thanks again for all those who continue to drop in and see what I have to say about my “take” on the movies.

Happy New Year and may everyone have a safe and fruitful 2016 and keep rediscovering more titles from the past right along with me.

Now for my Charlton Heston styled profile shot……


Heston I’m not so just a friendly pic instead.