Robert Mitchum was a lot of things. The coolest actor that ever graced the screen. Hellraiser. Poster boy for the genre most people checking in here love, Noir. At home in a dark alley, gin joint or on a horse riding alongside Duke or Douglas. He paired easily with the likes of Russell, Kerr and Monroe on film.  Terrifying when the role called for it in two classic performances. Laughton’s Night of the Hunter and as Max Cady in the original 1962 thriller Cape Fear. Quite often he’d give us the impression that he never gives a hoot about anything or anyone. All the above and so many more reasons flood my mind when trying to explain why I never get enough of Robert Mitchum movies, stories, interviews and…….. songs. Yes even songs as “The Mitch” strayed into Rat Pack country and dabbled in singing on top of the film career.

Here he is singing a song that Dean Martin scored a hit with.

Joining in on a song I associate with Bing.

For his 1969 western Young Billy Young he sang the title song over the opening credits.

Lastly there was the cultish song and movie Thunder Road for which Robert wrote the theme song and sang it as well.

Recording for Capitol Records in classic pose with all the props needed for a Mitchum photo shoot.


Might be time to dig out my copy of Out of the Past. Or how about The Wonderful Country. Then again I could reach for The Friends of Eddie Coyle or His Kind of Woman. When it comes to Mitchum there’s quite a few films worth while to choose from.

For a couple of other crooning stars we don’t necessarily think of on stage check out this unlikely pair of tough guys with the softer side.