After reading the recent book on Ollie from author Robert Sellers (What Fresh Lunacy Is This?)  it got me wanting to revisit some titles and perhaps check out something I never quite got around to. So it’s time for five straight days of the iconic hell raiser starting March 2nd.

reed 2

Perhaps a Hammer title? A swashbuckler? How about a film made in my home country of Canada? There are plenty to choose from including a number of films I found on youtube. Then again there are a bunch of movies that I have around here on VHS from his straight to video days. The controversial Russell films might be in order. No doubt I’ll have plenty to choose from.

If you’re a Reed fan then I hope you’ll check back to weigh in on the films I go with. If you are not a fan or just haven’t taken the time to check out his films then hopefully I’ll create some interest spurring you on to seek out more of his appearances.


Check out these titles that I have already featured with the fearsome Ollie. The Assassination Bureau, The Sellout and Royal Flash.