grier as jackie brown

Like most of us pop culture movie fans I too believe that Quentin Tarantino tapped into a goldmine of ultra cool dialogue and ways to update motion picture ideas paying tribute to the past. As a self proclaimed film history buff I’m always looking for his little nods to films from a bygone era. They’re scattered throughout his films if you know what to look for. How about that Mr. Majestyk poster on the wall of Michael Madsen’s trailer in Kill Bill Part 2.

Jackie Brown is the nod to blaxploitation flicks of the seventies. What better way to pay homage than to bring sexy Pam Grier to the head of the class for one more go around.

I’ve always referred to this title as my favorite Tarantino flick. While it’s not as flashy as his other films I find it’s not nearly as cartoonish. It’s done with a very sure hand. The same goes for the acting. It’s all underplayed and it works. The most hyper performance in the film comes from Michael Keaton playing a fed who is out to nail bad guy Samuel L. Jackson and his gun running operation. Even Jackson underplays his role when compared to his over the top histrionics he embraces in some of his other more notable roles.


Co stars Robert DeNiro and Bridget Fonda fit right in with DeNiro playing his part so low key your not sure if he even has a pulse at times. But, if looks could kill he delivers a great stare down at Fonda during the crime caper.

Pam Grier is excellent here and sexy as ever. Robert Forster matches her scene for scene and deservedly received an Oscar nomination for his role as a bail bondsman helping Pam as she tries to get out from under the violent hand of Jackson.

grier and forster

It’s easy to find yourself rooting for Forster and just wishing you could step into his shoes at the fadeout.

“Shut your raggedy-ass up, and sit the f–k down! ”

jackie brown grier

“My ass may be dumb, but I ain’t no dumbass. ”

jackie brown jackson

“You know, a good cop will never let you know he knows you’re full of s–t.”

jackie brown forster

“Gimme that bag before I knock you out and take it. ”

jackie brown deniro

“How did you ever rob a bank? When you robbed banks, did you forget where your car was then too? No wonder you went to jail. ”

jackie brown fonda

“You’ve no idea what happened to the 50.000 dollars. You’re clueless about the money, right? You’ve no idea about the 50 grants. ”

jackie brown keaton

Jackie Brown is one of those flicks that when it’s on I can’t help myself and automatically sit down in the nearest chair available to catch up on the proceedings. Same goes for those seventies flicks with Pam kicking ass as well. Click here to check out a gallery of posters from her earlier films.