If you have been a regular visitor here over the past year then you should know by now that Warren Oates is one of those actors I love to champion. Never the star but yet so memorable in practically everything he appears in. From watching his early days guesting on television episodes of shows like Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel and Thriller right through the Peckinpah years and other titles like his starring roles in Dillinger and White Dawn, Oates draws you in to his world.

Growing up in the VHS age and seeing him in The Wild Bunch had me hooked. I began to seek out the films I could find and still actively look for those that have eluded me over the years. He appeared in many top flight films in supporting roles that benefited from his presence. In The Heat of the Night and Ride the High Country stand out. Seeing Race With the Devil at just the right age put both Oates and Peter Fonda on my radar as well.


When Stripes hit theaters most of my friends were watching it to see Bill Murray in action. Not me. It was all about the chance to see Warren Oates kick some ass. Little did I know that he’d be gone so soon afterwards.

For those interested in reading up on film stars, Oates had a bio published on him a few years back that I added to my shelf as well.

oates book

If you are familiar with Warren and the films he’s been in, I hope you have enjoyed his turning up as much as I have. On the other hand if you haven’t given pause to watch him closely or heaven forbid, not at all then it’s time to do so.


Check out this nice bio that can be viewed on youtube. Warren Oates : Across the Border. It’s narrated by Ned Beatty and plenty of well known faces turn up. Folks like Harry Dean Stanton, Robert Culp, Monte Hellman and Peter Fonda.

Give it a look and let me know if you appreciate Warren as much as I have over the years.