burt in professionals

Burt Lancaster is one of those actors that I began to follow at an early age once I was old enough to connect the dots. He was Wyatt Earp to this young fan of westerns on Saturday afternoon television while growing up. A trapeze artist, a pirate, a soldier and so much more as I got older and tuned in to films like The Swimmer or The Sweet Smell of Success. I thought it wonderful that at an advanced age he was at the top of his craft in Atlantic City and back in a popcorn movie with Kirk Douglas in Tough Guys that I caught on opening night of it’s release.

So the point is that many of my favorite actors had very long film careers. Burt began in 1946 and never really stopped until a stroke delivered the final blow to his career. He acted all the way into the 90’s and went out on the big screen in a memorable role with Field of Dreams following that up with some movies for the small screen before his forced retirement.

So I’ve hit upon the idea to feature actors like Burt who had a long run in film by featuring one of their films from each decade that they blessed us with over the length of their career.

Not too long ago I recently heard that someone had just discovered Lancaster and looked forward to seeing more of his films. Boy was I jealous. Can you imagine getting the opportunity to start all over again and see his films for the first time?

What better way to kick start this idea then with one of cinema’s all time greats. An actor who grew old gracefully right before our eyes and demanded our respect right up until the end.

Any favorites of your own? Do tell.