If you’ve taken the time to visit here on occasion then you know by now that Lee Marvin ranks pretty high on my list of favorite actors or tough guys of cinema if you prefer. My earliest memory of this iconic actor is seeing Lee lead the Dirty Dozen into enemy territory in front of a who’s who of legendary tough guys when I was a kid staying up late next to Dad on the couch for a late seventies airing of the famed Robert Aldrich flick.

For those who love the films of Lee, enjoy.

For those who are not familiar with the WW2 veteran and his Academy Award winning career, get moving and discover the films of Lee Marvin.

“Lady, I don’t have the time. ”

the killers 64

“You won’t lose your pants. Your life maybe… but what’s that? ”


“You’ve seen a general inspecting troops before haven’t you? Just walk slow, act dumb and look stupid! ”

dirty dozen half sheet

“Oh, for a second I thought you were a Jap. ”


While this may be a terrible movie, the poster is Lee Marvin and Robert Shaw awesome!


“You’re going to live, even if I have to blow your brains out. ”

big red one

This one is for me an underrated gem. “Whaddya want? A shout, a holler and a cigar for doing something right for a change? ”

death hunt poster

For the wanna be tough guy that lives in all of us – Hell Raiser Lee Marvin stands tall.