While cleaning out boxes of stuff best left forgotten I found a few old newspapers which led to a fun look back at what was playing at the local theaters and what was popular in the day. Feast your eyes on these viewing choices at the local cinemas and let’s be honest with ourselves. Which ones did you spend your hard earned money on?

I saw neither of these on the big screen but the VHS tape cured that.


For this night out on the town, drop the girlfriend off at door number one so she can have a good cry and then sneak into door number two for the latest DeNiro – Scorsese offering. Cape Fear was a no brainer on the big screen for me back in the day. But let it be said right here and now, I’ll still take the original version from ’62 over this one.


Plenty to choose from here.


Field of Dreams….ok. But flicks like American Ninja 3 will never see the inside of a movie theater again. Kind of sad when you think about how the theater offerings have changed over the years.


Much like this title……. come on who spent there money on this one?


1987’s top hits round up. Seen them all and if I recall correctly, two of them at the theater. Stakeout and Eastwick.


Not in to a movie tonight? How about some live theater. Check out these touring shows.

I wonder who took which role?


I’d love to have seen this rather odd pairing!


A fun look back to past offerings and surprises.