November 2021 In Review

Aside from a few hockey games there hasn’t been too much to interfere with my movie watching this month. A month that saw me watch my first Hallmark Christmas movie. […]

The Great Escape (1963)

John Sturges big screen telling of a WW2 escape from a German P.O.W. camp based on a true story is a classic. Not much else to say. At least not […]

Bronson Rising

Like many actors of his era following WW2, Charles Bronson, began his acting career on film in the early 1950’s. Actors like Lee Marvin, Jack Palance, Clint Eastwood and Ernest […]

The Stone Killer (1973)

Coming on the heels of Chato’s Land and The Mechanic is the third collaboration between star Charles Bronson and director Michael Winner in rapid fire succession. Probably the lesser known […]

October 2021 In Review

While I don’t need any excuse to watch me some classic horror films, there’s always an added flavor to them once the Halloween festivities roll around. As is my custom […]

Son of Dracula (1943)

Following his portrayal of The Wolf Man, The Frankenstein Monster and Kharis The Mummy, Lon Chaney, added the role of Dracula to his resume starring in this well paced thriller […]

Charlie Chan At the Wax Museum (1940)

“Knowledge only gained through curiosity” For his 7th of 22 films as the famed Oriental sleuth, Sidney Toler, finds himself surrounded with a bevy of suspects and Number 2 son, […]