April proved to be a majorly busy month on the home front between trying to keep up with the frenetic pace at the office and visiting relatives. In the end this offered less opportunity for watching moves. Especially recent titles that I am always trying to keep up with but forever falling behind anyway.

Tango and Cash – This one never gets old

Strangers When We Meet  – Kirk Douglas finds an illicit romance with Kim Novak.

A Shot At Glory (2000) – Robert Duvall sports a Scottish accent and takes the role of a soccer coach taking an underdog team to the championship game. Michael Keaton is along for the ride while Brian Cox turns up as the S.O.B. coach of the favored club. Duvall is always a pleasure to watch and it’s his presence that might make this worth seeking out. Probably one of his more rare titles from this century.

duvall in shot at glory

The Beast With Five Fingers – Peter Lorre fun!

Night Train to Paris & Hot Summer Night – A Leslie Nielsen double feature.

Pitfall – Noir faves Liz Scott and Dick Powell

ordinary decent criminal

Ordinary Decent Criminal (2000) – This crime caper is a mixture of black comedy and the mob in Ireland. A good cast turns up though the film is far from successful. Kevin Spacey is our head gangster who just can’t help himself and is constantly pulling one heist after another. Even while out on bail and on trial for another. Colin Farrell and Christoph Waltz appear alongside Spacey and Linda Fiorentino.

Pillars of the Sky – Jeff Chandler and the U.S. Cavalry

The Satanic Rites of Dracula – Lee vs. Cushing one last time for Hammer and the fans

That Touch of Mink – Doris and Cary rule the day with plenty of well known faces surrounding them

Queen of Blood – Great campy sci-fun led by John Saxon

Bang! Bang! You’re Dead – Tony Randall takes on Herbert Lom and Klaus Kinski

Spider Baby – Later day Lon Chaney Jr.  B flick always worth a look

The Black Sleep – Rathbone, Lugosi, Chaney Jr., Carradine ….. need I say more

Rawhide – A great rewatch with Ty Power and Susan Hayward. Recommended.

Captain Carey U.S.A. – Alan Ladd rules the day.

Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry – Mickey and Judy appear in their first on screen duet


Forsaken (2015) – Kiefer and Donald Sutherland join forces in this low key western that recalls many past oaters that have come before. Kiefer is a famed gunslinger who has put down the six shooter and returned home to his preacher father, Donald in the hopes of working the land. Not likely with Brian Cox forcing homesteaders off their spreads. It’s very Shane like crossed with most any Eastwood flick. Nice work from the Sutherland boys as well as Demi Moore as an old flame. It’s Michael Wincott that I really enjoyed though as a gentleman gunslinger who is bound to meet Kiefer in the streets before the fade out.


Man Without a Star – Kirk Douglas rides the range

The Mean Season – Kurt Russell vs. Richard Jordan

Phantom Lady – A Noir challenge from Kristina

There will be more titles to come from the TCM Festival that I’ll cover in the days ahead. Be sure to check back.