With Faye at the TCM Fest this year now’s a good time to cast the light on some of her feature films. With a bit of luck and timing, perhaps I’ll bump into her this year around tinsel town.


Growing up and discovering film in the late seventies and early eighties, one couldn’t help but be caught up in the beauty of Faye Dunaway. Her breathtaking looks in film would instantly stop one from surfing channels. Discovering Bonnie and Clyde on late night TV was a visually electrifying experience for a kid falling in love with film and dare I say Miss Faye.

“We rob banks! ”

BonnieandClyde half sheet

Fencing with McQueen. “Try me.”

thmas crown affair poster

“All the men nowadays are growing their hair long. It’s fabulous… *but*, you all look like Jesus! So how will we know him when he arrives?  ”

puzzle downfall child

Playing rough with the legend of Wyatt and Doc.

doc half sheet

Faye in long underwear? Sure why not.

oklahoma crude half sheet

Though I had no idea who Faye was at the time, this might be the earliest movie I recall my folks watching that she stared in. I think I kept my eye on it because of the violence in the opening scene. This completes Faye’s trifecta. She worked with Newman, Redford and McQueen.


Capturing Faye’s eyes in this cool one sheet.


The camp of this dearest effort. “Don’t …. with me fellas. This ain’t my first time at the rodeo. ”

mommie dearest one sheet

Faye takes to the whip for Cannon Films.


It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t feature one from my personal vault. How about one of my favorite one sheets and a bona fide classic of the seventies and beyond.