This bedroom farce gives us Gig Young delivering some genuine laughs with able support from Audrey Meadows, Cary Grant being …… well shall we say very Cary Grantish and Doris Day giving us the virginal Doris that she so excelled at during this portion of her career. Let us not forget we are also treated to a very slimy character essayed by John Astin that proves a whole lot of fun as he tries to get Doris to a room at a roadside hotel.

While the whole thing may be rather dated by today’s expectations of the bedroom comedy, star power can go along way in keeping a film entertaining and in the end that’s what one is sure to find here with Cary, Doris and Gig.

touch of mink one sheet

Cary is a very wealthy businessman and respected figure in the political world whose life is about to be turned upside down when his chauffeured car splashes Miss Day on the street corner during a torrential rain. The car doesn’t stop leaving Doris fuming on the curb. Cary gets a quick glimpse of the blonde haired lady and later in the day he happens to spot her on the street in front of his office at which point he promptly sends his chief employee Gig out to apologize and offer any payment for the ruined dress and coat.

gig young and cary grant

Gig may be Cary’s lead hand but he’d like nothing better than to see Cary’s world come crashing down in a rather fun way. He feels he’s sold out to the world of money and loves poking fun at Cary and how he buys his way out of issues just like the lady in the soiled dress. He makes his way down to a cafeteria across the street where Doris lunches free thanks to her roommate Meadows working the kitchen. Gig introduces himself to Doris and explains he’s here at Cary’s urging. She however demands an apology from Cary and at Gig’s urging would like nothing better than to throw the offered money right into Cary’s face.

This leads to a great scene when she meets Cary face to face. His ultra smooth delivery and debonair look totally backfires on Gig as Doris promptly begins apologizing for being foolish enough to stand on a street corner in the rain. Everything turns out to be her fault. It’s a real laugher as she stumbles and mumbles her way through meeting Grant for the first time.

grant and day

Romance is quickly in the air and the balance of the film is all about whether or not the two stars are going to make their way to the bedroom. Could this lead to premarital sex? Perhaps but when jealousy enters the script, is Cary man enough to rescue Doris from the clutches of the perverted John Astin?

Tune in and find out.

Sure this is a badly dated effort. Especially considering the age of the stars and Doris seemingly approaching middle age and still virginal. Just don’t let the main plot line spoil it. Enjoy the antics of Audrey Meadows as Doris’ girlfriend who is overflowing with advice. Some good, plenty bad when it comes to affairs of the heart.

audrey meadows

Astin makes the most of his lecherous character who at first is dismissed by Doris but who is called upon when she needs a man to get the jealous juices cooking in her desired target. Seeing her gag on the phone as she attempts to seduce Astin into a hotel rendezvous offers a good chuckle as does his picking her up in a poultry delivery truck.

doris day and john astin

But its Gig Young who steals the show continually belittling Grant to no avail and constantly keeping in touch with his analyst Dr. Gruber over Grant’s progress in matters of women and money. He also serves as the fall guy for the majority of the picture as Meadows and the girls at the cafe think he’s the Grant character and lay one heck of a beating on him when the opportunity presents himself.

When he finds out they think he’s Grant it only adds to his enjoyment despite the fact that he took the lumps and bumps.

There are a few well known faces from TV dropping by including Richard Deacon, Dick Sargent and John Fiedler who has a wonderful bit at the motel where both Grant and Gig turn up to save Doris from Astin and find themselves in his room by mistake assuming him to by the Astin character.

Sporting buffs also take note that Yankee legends, Roger Maris, Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle turn up for a cameo.

touch of mink lobby

When the credits began rolling one thing that struck me right away was the fact that there is no theme song sung by Doris. This is rather odd when one looks at her other flicks from the days of hubby Marty Melcher running the show onwards.

For the in joke crowd there is an amusing bit when Grant has had enough with Doris and at one point draws up a list of eligible bachelors for her. One of which is Rock Hudson.

Not quite as good as the Hudson trio of titles that Doris starred in but fun none the less.