The day has finally arrived. In the next few hours I’ll be catching a plane from Toronto and flying to Hollywood direct to enjoy the celebrations of the Turner Classic Film Festival. Plenty of exciting days ahead of me for my first ever visit to the land where men like Lloyd, Keaton and Chaplin plied their trade. Walk the same streets where Bogie walked hand in hand with Bacall. I’m sure I’ll be overwhelmed with things to see and do while attempting to squeeze in countless movies and listening in to the likes of Elliott Gould, Gina Lollobrigida and Angela Lansbury introducing classic films.

As much as I’ve tried to map out a schedule, there may come a time when I’ll have to “wing it.”

Let’s just hope that anyone of these pilots from the history of film is going to ensure I arrive safely.

Duke and Stack struggling through to the point of no return.

high and mighty

Everyone looks to Dana Andrews as he takes command.


Perhaps I’m in store for a fun filled flight with Peter at the helm and Leslie making sure I don’t eat the steak or the fish.

JULIE HAGERTY, LESLIE NIELSEN & PETER GRAVES Film 'AIRPLANE!' (1980) Directed By JIM ABRAHAMS, DAVID ZUCKER 02 July 1980 SS2922 Allstar Collection/PARAMOUNT **WARNING** This photograph can only be reproduced by publications in conjunction with the promotion of the above film. For Editorial Use Only

Knowing of Jimmy’s war record, I’d have no problem with him taking the stick.


Perhaps I could charter a private plane with this familiar looking MGM star to pilot me across the continent.


If any heroics are called for might this be the man for the job? Anytime is a good time for a Heston cameo.


Thankfully Bugs has always been a keen learner.

bugs flies plane

Hopefully you won’t here me have to say…. “You mean THE STEWARDESS IS FLYING THE PLANE? ”

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Should Karen Black turn up I’ll be paging Joe Patroni. Better known as George Kennedy.

george kennedy in airport