Here I am attending the opening Press conference in just a few hours at the TCM Festival in Hollywood so why not throw together a gallery of movie posters featuring news stories and intrepid reporters.

How about a reporter that I loved catching on the late show in reruns whom I looked up to as a kid just to wet you’re appetite.

mcgavin as kolchak

Bogie fights the good fight in this 1952 story of a newspaper that gets lost in his titles of classics that is worth looking into.


Broderick Crawford at the city news desk caught up in murder.


Classic Douglas fighting his way back to the top at any cost.

Ace in the Hole_06

Reporter Don looking for a story. Even if it costs him his sanity. “At’a boy Luther!”


The early days of reporting made for a hell of a Sam Fuller film.

park row half sheet

Gable gets the story and maybe Colbert as well. Maybe.

it happened one night halfsheet

I wonder if I might see this pair of newshounds at the press conference.


Anytime Paul Newman is in the news is an article worth reading.


Darren and I have to get going if we’re going to make the press conference. Now we just need to find Joe our cameraman.

THE PUBLIC EYE, Joe Pesci, 1992, (c) Universal