Anytime you’d like to take a stroll down memory lane try grabbing an old TV Guide from your early years to stir up those nostalgic feelings. I did just that after coming across a box of old TV Guides at an antique mall. Mostly they were dated back to the decade of the 1970’s which fits in quite nicely here at Mike’s Take.

The Guide I selected for now is dated November 9th through to the 15th of 1974 and featured none other than Screen Legend, Sophia Loren, on the cover. Inside is an article devoted to her appearing in an updated version of Noel Coward’s Brief Encounter opposite Richard Burton. The article only reinforced my love of Miss Loren and how she has handled herself over a decades long career.

So let’s get nostalgic and look at some shows and events that I recall fondly or in many cases have no recollection of.

Saturday the 9th.

Cartoon day and children’s shows in the morning consist of Vincent Price in Hilarious House of Frightenstein, Scoody Doo, Where Are You, Hong Kong Phooey, Land of the Lost and Super Friends. Partridge Family 2200 A.D.? That one I don’t recall.

Other titles that jump from the page as the day goes by include Howie Meeker’s Hockey School, Lawrence Welk, Stompin’ Tom’s Canada, Emergency!, Chico and the Man and a couple of titles I had to look up including My Partner The Ghost and a short lived Robert Forster show titled Nakia.


Love the tail end description for this 1949 Burt Lancaster effort.

A cast of TV veterans led by Peter Graves would most likely have caught my eye to sit in on “Call to Danger.”

It wasn’t really till the late 70’s that I was scouring the TV Guide for late night horrors and recognizable names to horror buffs like Zucco and Frye. I’d have been bugging my parents on this one. “Please let me stay up and watch this one.”

Sunday the 10th.

Bud and Lou in the morning or maybe Joe Don Baker guesting on a rerun of Big Valley.

For the sports fan how about an NBA game featuring the Buffalo Braves?????

Another show I have no recollection of starring the biggest member of The Dirty Dozen, Clint Walker.

And for the big Sunday Night Movie of the Week it’s Bond, James Bond with Sean Connery in the series debut.

If Bond isn’t your thing then tune in to any one of these new episodes for a Sunday night, Mannix, McMillan and Wife, Kojak, The Waltons or Callan.

Monday the 11th.

I’d be back in school for the balance of the week so I’ll leave the daytime shows like Donahue, The Guiding Light and General Hospital to those who have the time. But at 5 PM each day I’d be happy to pay a visit to Andy and Don and the rest of the Mayberry family.

I can also recall this station out of Buffalo that played movies everyday in the 4 PM time slot and on many occasions they were epic in length and shown over the course of two days in a Part 1 and Part 2 fashion. Flicks like The Blue Max starring George Peppard which would years later prove to be the “biggest” original movie poster in my collection.

Tuesday the 12th.

Captain Kangaroo in the morning if you’re interested.

The Y&R at 1 PM or a daytime showing of a Don Knotts favorite? Easy decision though that running time of 2 1/2 hours means there’s a whole hour of commercials included!!! That’s insane.

Don’t forget to catch part 2 of The Blue Max at 4:30 either.

Hawaii Five-0, Barnaby Jones, Marcus Welby or that Loren/Burton flick. Take your pick.

As for the late night hours here’s a title I’m not familiar with that sounds like one I need to locate with Gene Barry and Joan Collins.

Wednesday the 13th.

Daytime TV includes The Price Is Right, Name That Tune, $10,000 Pyramid, Hollywood Squares and The Newlywed Game.

A tough decision for the 8PM time slot. The Duke or Roddy’s 4th instalment of the Planet of the Apes?

Perhaps the oddest role in the career of Charles Bronson is also on this evening and what a supporting cast.

To this day James Dean still remains a cult figure just as he was back in 1974 with this TV special. Note Sal Mineo’s participation who at this time was still alive prior to his being murdered in February of 1976.

Thursday the 14th.

Reruns of Gomer Pyle, I Love Lucy and Dick Van Dyke can fill your morning but I’d be curious to see this afternoon special starring Kay Lenz.

Thankfully I was introduced to Stan and Ollie at a young age due to the silent shorts being shown daily on TV at one point.

I know I was introduced to Heston and the 1953 film The Naked Jungle at an early age, could this have been my first viewing in a 6:30 time slot?

Kung Fu, Movin’ On and Jacques Cousteau on a Thursday evening or how about the latest telefilm to star John Forsythe with the always solid Earl Holliman costarring?

Friday the 15th.

How about an afternoon movie to kick off your day. Ann Sheridan PLUS Cary Grant or John Davis Chandler soloing? Kind of unfair to Mr. Chandler don’t you think?

Over the dinner hour why not catch Steve Reeves flexing his biceps as Morgan the Pirate.

Friday night brings The Rockford Files, Six Million Dollar Man, Planet of the Apes TV Show, Night Stalker, McCloud and Masterpiece Theater along with a Dean Martin roast of Telly Savalas. What an amazing line up!

For us movie fans we can close out the week with a number of titles.

Kirk Douglas’ failed Mafia effort.

I’m not sure if I was aware that Miss Crosby played the role I most identify with Lynda Carter.

For you night owls closing out the week, here are the final four titles listed for the late late show in the early morning of Saturday the 16th. Sophia, Cary, Boris, MacMurray and a spaghetti western.

Not a bad to end this look back to yesteryear with the promise of more to come with my latest find while hunting through old relics and boxes tucked away under tables at local antique malls. I picked up 15 Guides in case you’re wondering.