Movies, Movies, Movies and ….. “Let’s play ball.” Yes there’s finally a sport attempting to make a go of it in this world turned upside down. So I fully expect my movie watching to drop a bit in the coming months and with the chase for Lord Stanley’s Cup beginning August 1st I just might have to give up movie watching once and for all.

And if you believe that then I’ve also got an original 1933 King Kong one sheet for sale at a low low price of just $1,000,000.

And on to the round up. Be sure to check your scorecard on titles you’ve seen. Do you agree with my short ad libs?

Cell 2455, Death Row (1955) Campbell gives us his inner Cagney. 

Bird of Paradise (1932) – A must see pre-code with Dolores Del Rio on a desert isle with Joel McCrea.

Captain America 1 and 2 (1979) These TV flicks play like the old Incredible Hulk / Lou Ferrigno series but I had to check them out as Christopher Lee is in the second entry and up to no good as we might expect vs. Reb Brown as the title character.

Blood of the Zombie (1961) I lost an hour of my life watching this and wound up in a zombie like state. Don’t make the same error. 

Barbarosa (1982) Enjoyable Willie Nelson-Gary Busey western that deserves an audience.

Knife for the Ladies (1973) A slasher western with Jack Elam that plays like a 70’s TV Movie only a tad to violent. 

Late Night (2019) Had a great time with this one and it’s easy to recommend. 

Hustlers (2019) Honestly, I expected more. Too depressing even with J-Lo working the stripper pole. 

Lifeboat (1944) With just a handful of people in a lifeboat, Hitchcock finds a way to score a cameo in this tense WW2 thriller. Most highly recommended. 

Broken Arrow (1950) Jimmy Stewart’s first western is a fine film from director Delmer Daves. 

Marked Woman (1937) Bette Davis finds herself marked for death by the mob but maybe Bogie can save her. 

Belle of the Yukon (1944) A Randolph Scott western that breaks out in a musical.

Stormy Monday (1988) Had me hooked for a while but can’t say I liked the third act. 

Along Came Jones (1945) Previously featured but picked up a recent blu ray release of this Gary Cooper western comedy. 

The Female Bunch (1971) If it’s an Al Adamson effort it’s got a cult following. Still, it’s a sad end to Lon Chaney’s career.

Death Wish II (1982) Bronson returns to wipe out another gang of hoods as the screen’s best known vigilante. 

The Proud and the Damned (1972) Somebody nudge me please. This one’s putting me to sleep.

Crawlspace (1986) Warped fun with Klaus Kinski as a landlord who only allows attractive female tenants in his apartment building. 

BlacKkKlansman (2018) Spike Lee’s film is hard to pigeonhole but it’s easily going to end up in the top 10 new to me film’s I will have seen this calendar year. 

Venom (1982) A stellar cast including Sterling Hayden, Oliver Reed and Klaus Kinski make this thriller an enjoyable outing. 

Red (2008) A pleasant surprise and a first rate Brian Cox stars as a man looking for justice after the senseless killing of his dog by three teenagers.  

Final Score (2018) Ho hum …. Die Hard at a soccer match with Dave Bautista playing the hero but it does have some good action scenes. 

Out of the Blue (1947) Lesser screwball comedy that has some laughs with George Brent, Virginia Mayo and Turhan Bey. 

Lone Wolf McQuade (1983) A new blu ray release and once again I’m revisiting the best Chuck Norris film.

Nine Deaths of the Ninja (1985) Laughable….

The House on Carroll Street (1988) Superior Hitchcock like Noir thriller with Kelly McGillis and Jeff Daniels attempting to uncover a Nazi plot in the 1950’s. 

Cannon For Cordoba (1970) George Peppard heads south of the border like he’s in a Peckinpah western.

Passengers (2016) A sci-fi date movie with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. Can easily see myself rewatching this one as I found it both enjoyable and well …. romantic?

The 7 Randolph Scott/Budd Boetticher westerns – Yeah I binge watched them all.

Wolf Lake (1980) Rod Steiger chews the scenery (perish the thought) in a tale that borrows heavily from The Most Dangerous Game via director Burt Kennedy. 

Human Experiments (1979) I somehow missed this years ago on VHS but finally tracked it down for the Geoffrey Lewis factor and not surprisingly he’s far better than the material.

I ended the month with a pair of Jimmy Stewart/Anthony Mann westerns due to number 2 son, Kirk, combing his way through the collaborations of the actor and director. Watching both The Far Country and The Naked Spur back to back the similarities jump out with Stewart playing it icy cold while the “villain” is the scene stealing performer. In these cases it’s John McIntire and Robert Ryan. Great way to wrap up the month with a pair of Essential westerns, the genre I return to more than any other.

In closing let’s not forget that we’ll always have the movies when we feel like visiting both John Saxon and Olivia de Havilland who we lost this month. May they rest in peace.