This might be the one month since I’ve started Mike’s Take that I seemed to really slow down in movies watched and the reasons are simple. A week’s holidays and a new puppy, Brando. Yes Brando!

Then there are the TV shows I have gotten myself caught up in. No I haven’t been tuning in to the many shows that a co-worker hounds me over constantly like Game of Thrones, Westworld and Stranger Things or whatever else is new on cable. Truth is I love watching Mike and Frank on American Pickers, Pawn Stars on occasion with Number 1 and 2 sons along with yours truly for the ride find myself rolling off the couch laughing so hard watching Impractical Jokers. Let’s not forget I live in Canada either. Meaning it’s hockey season.

But still, this is a classic movie blog and I do have a passion for the films of yesteryear.

Soylent Green – Heston looks to solve a murder and make a shocking discovery in this cult favorite.

Hidden Fear – Tough as nails John Payne takes another journey into the world of Noir.

A Bullet For Joey – Raft vs. Robinson. 1930’s style circa 1955.

Shoot Out – Gregory Peck rides the vengeance trail. Hey! Wouldn’t that make a heck of a title for a western? Vengeance Trail!

Burke and Hare – Loved this one so much I watched it a second time in as many months. The boys hadn’t yet seen it so that was reason enough.

The Fuller Brush Girl – Injecting some humor into my day with Lucy.

Guyana : Cult of the Damned – Nice cast of veterans reenact a terrible tale.

Tough Guys – Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas are just that…… Tough Guys.

My Name is Bill W. – James Woods and James Garner bring their A game to this true story.

The Wild Geese – Reviewed this one long ago but was overdue for another go around with Moore, Burton, Harris and Kruger. LOVE IT!

Brian Dennehy Part 1 : The Lion of Africa & A Father’s Revenge

Brian Dennehy Part 2 : Day One & Foreign Affairs

Enter the Ninja – Franco Nero ………… enough said!

Young Billy Young – Robert Mitchum movies = time well spent

Dakota – John Wayne vs. Mike Mazurki for the undisputed Heavyweight Title of the West

Nashville Rebel – A young Waylon Jennings stars a wanna be Opry star. Not much of a stretch but it’s WAYLON.