Highs and lows of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Balls and strikes, mostly strikes for the Blue Jays. Classics and Guilty pleasures. Toss in a road trip to end off the month journeying three provinces to the east. That pretty much sums up a busy May. Did I mention yard work? Well let’s not bother as that might give my wife some ideas.

This month’s roll call…….

Pandora and the Flying Dutchman – My God, Ava Gardner’s beauty is breathtaking.

Quick Change – Fun comedy as Bill Murray directs for the only time thus far in his career.

The Nesting – Latter day John Carradine appearance for those looking to fill their score card.

The Walking Hills – An early John Sturges gem with a cast to match led by Randolph Scott.

Security   (2017)

Antonio Banderas assumes the role of the ex military specialist who knows how to kill and has the long list of medals and accommodations to prove it. He’s down on his luck after his service is over and willing to take any job available to him as he has a family to feed. How about a night security guard who answers to a young hotshot? “Sure I just need the work.” Die Hard territory is about to step in when Ben Kingsley leads a band of military like commandos looking to kill a little girl who is a witness in a major crime case. Like Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, this mall is going to become a battle ground between Ben’s never ending army of zombie like soldiers and Antonio’s small group of no talent night security employees when the girl falls into their hands. Not bad of it’s type I suppose with some good action sequences and some not so good ones to boot. I’ve always like Mr. Banderas so why not and besides, I’m always game to see Sir Ben behaving badly.

Devil and the Deep – Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, Charles Laughton. All vying for the love of Tallulah Bankhead.

The Pack – Brando’s Pick of the Month features Joe Don Baker and some vicious canines on the hunt for flesh.

Dillinger – The Lawrence Tierney edition of 1945.

An Action Packed Double Helping of Gary Busey. Yes, I said Gary Busey.

Brass Target – The plot to steal a fortune in gold and kill General Patton features a whole parcel full of familiar faces.

Cold Sweat – Charles Bronson faces off against James Mason in this Eurocrime thriller.

Dragon Blade   (2015)

With what looks like an honest effort to turn out a modern epic, this Jackie Chan tale of history tries it’s best but comes up short. I have no knowledge of the historical tale it purports to tell so I looked at it as entertainment and have no idea how close this sticks to accurate facts. Chan and a group of soldiers guard a road to the east during the Roman Empire’s reign. A miscast John Cusack leads a Roman Legion in his direction and finds a friend in Chan’s people while he attempts to shelter a child emperor. Not far behind him is Adrien Brody and thousands of centurions intent on laying siege to anything in their wake. Surprises are in store and Brody steals the show making me wish he’d be cast as an over the top Bond villain or at least something along those lines. I have a feeling there’s a 3 hour cut of this film which might play long but it would surely make up for the fast cuts and jumps in narration. Pretty too look at and plenty of Chan action sequences combined with Mr. Brody makes it worth a look. 

The Honeymoon Machine – Light and fluffy with ….. Steve McQueen?????

The Chase – Noir entry with Robert Cummings squaring off against Peter Lorre and Steve Cochran.

Fire Maidens of Outer Space – One of those classic GUILTY PLEASURES.

San Andreas   (2015)

This is a rewatch thanks to my visiting Mom and Dad on the east coast and gathering around the TV on an off night for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. This has to be the first movie I’ve watched on a network station in years complete with commercials that allowed me the time to go grab a drink or snack every 12 minutes or so. No wonder I don’t watch films in this way anymore. Hand me the DVD or blu ray please. As to the film, here’s what I had to say previously……….. Dwayne Johnson proves he’s a force of nature when he tackles an earthquake that levels the west coast. Great CGI and Bad CGI are mixed in with The Rock and it’s never dull. Paul Giamatti and Carla Gugino are along for the tremors. Popcorn movie at it’s finest.

Now I’ll add a shot of another he-man who once tackled an earthquake of epic proportions back in 1974. Yes long before the Rock and CGI brought an earthquake disaster to movie screens, a cinema icon did it with falling Styrofoam rocks and a girl on each arm! Time for the return of the Heston Cameo!