Looking back at old newspapers can offer a fun stroll down memory lane. Pick a section. It could be that your favorite sports team was on a roll and haven’t been ever since. A story that has captured the world’s imagination or just the movies playing at the local theater and what’s going on in the entertainment industry.

For a look at a previous post on some 1987 findings, click here.

So how about a fun retro look at some recent findings while going through a pile of September 1991 papers.

I would say this article got it right.


Good times for Burt and Kirstie.


A selection of movies to choose from for a night out.


How about Leslie Nielsen for the 7 show and Kurt Russell at 9? We can make it a double feature.


Newsworthy events……




Art house choices for those that like to indulge.


Here’s a selection of titles rarely seen in newspapers anymore for the trench coat crowd.


What’s playing tonight on television for the stay at home crowd? Take your pick.  Note the Expos we’re still in existence. And I still haven’t found a copy of that Donald Pleasence film.


Lastly I noticed an add for a concert I attended. My all time favorite singer and the show was extra special as it was actually “The Possum’s” 60th birthday. The show was halted mid stream for cake and gifts to the greatest voice in country music history.


Since I’m my own editor time for a rant from a true fan of country music.

I was raised back in the day when country radio and the disc jockeys played country music. When you could still here a Hank Williams tune on occasion. We we’re a musical family and traveled many miles to music fests in both Canada and the U.S playing and singing country and bluegrass standards. A magical time of my youth. I rarely listen in to today’s field of musicians and singers who conveniently call themselves country acts and launch into pop and rock songs. There’s just something wrong when country radio welcomes a new “country” single from Steven Tyler yet tosses the new Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson duet in the trash can…..