A rather quiet month though I did seem to catch quite a few films from various genres as the days drifted by and the temperature outside dropped. As usual I seem to catch more older titles then newer ones. I am forever saying about new titles, “I’d like to see that one.” Perhaps when they get to the twenty year old range I’ll catch up to the majority of them.

Ten Seconds to Hell – Robert Aldrich film.

Confidentially Connie – From the Warner Archive Collection

Backlash – Any day watching a Richard Widmark western has to be considered a good one.

Salt and Pepper – A couple of Rat Packers

bad grandpa

Bad Grandpa – Silly candid camera humor wrapped around a script. Is the humor aimed at us guys? Probably. But I don’t care cause I laughed like heck. Guess I’ll have to check out Bad Grandpa .5 or maybe even that new Robert DeNiro flick Dirty Grandpa.

Shark! – Burt Reynolds meets Sam Fuller

Lost Continent – Cesar Romero takes on a few dinosaurs


In the Blood – Gina Carano might just be the sexiest woman in movies. She’s gorgeous and can truly kick the hell out of most any male co-star. Works for me. What she needs is a film worthy of her talents. The previous Haywire was close. Nice cast here with Danny Trejo and Luis Guzman turning up. Just too bad the film loses it’s way at the half way mark.

Together Again – Irene Dunne continues to make me laugh

The October Man – First rate British Noir

It’s Only Money – Jerry Lewis strikes again

City of Bad Men – Finding a Richard Boone oater on youtube

Dead Man’s Eyes – Lon Chaney and the Inner Sanctum

duvall and downey

The Judge – Not quite the court room thriller I expected with Robert Downey Jr. defending his father played by Robert Duvall against a murder rap. What really occurs on screen is a relationship film between the estranged characters. Nice cast here including Billy Bob Thornton and Vincent D’Onofrio. Once again Robert Duvall commands my respect and attention.

The Badlanders – Alan Ladd  and Ernest Borgnine film I caught for an upcoming article in The Dark Pages. It’s a western remake of The Asphalt Jungle but it’s a secret so don’t tell anyone.

Trunk to Cairo – Rare Audie Murphy non western

Jubal – Glenn Ford western for the Criterion blogathon.

Vigilante Force – Kris Kristofferson + Jan-Michael Vincent = action

They Met In The Dark – James Mason Noir


Survivor – Pierce Brosnan takes on a villainous role as a ruthless hit man trying to take out Milla Jovovich. This is a rather lame flick with most everyone including Angela Bassett in a rather cliched role. Highly touted pro killer Brosnan sure seems to have lost his touch as he can’t seem to hit the mark! Still nice to see Robert Forster making movies though.

00156-Survivor-Photo Nick Wall.NEF

Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure – One of the Jungle Man’s best!

Tucker and Dale versus Evil – Hilarious, bloody comedy turning the crazy hillbillies murdering teenage campers genre on it’s ear. Plenty of fun and far better than I expected. Go find this one if you like anything with Bruce Campbell.


First Monday in October – Matthau versus Clayburgh

Bombshell – The Monthly Mad Movie Challenge assigned to me from Krisitina

Rope of Sand – Burt Lancaster of the 1940’s

The Kentuckian – Burt Lancaster of the 1950’s

The Train – Burt Lancaster of the 1960’s


Machete Kills – Danny Trejo returns in a bit of a letdown but you have to love the cast that Robert Rodriguez has assembled here. Charlie Sheen as the President is hilarious. Mel Gibson seems to be having fun as the villain and a host of gorgeous women turn up in killer roles. Michelle Rodriguez, Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba, Lady Gaga and Amber Heard do their best to keep us interested. Antonio Banderas, Cuba Gooding Jr., William Sadler, Demian Bichir and Tom Savini crank up the violence in the Grindhouse fashion.

machete kills poster

Another month goes by. Final tally……

12 rewatches

16 new to me titles.

All but one, City of Bad Men in my personal library of titles.