Yes sir. When I went to see Superman on the big screen in 1978 Glenn Ford was the one actor I recognized. I hadn’t yet been turned on to the legendary Brando. Gene Hackman? Thankfully he was in my near future. Years later I even got a charge out of spotting Glenn’s picture in the background of the ill fated Superman reboot in 2006.

Why Glenn? Easy.

He was in so many westerns that I was enjoying sitting next to Dad on the couch while watching them replay on television. The western is still my cliche answer when confronted with the overused question, “What’s your favorite kind of movie Mike?”

Of course Glenn was so much more than a western actor yet there’s just something special about seeing him ride the range. Still he could prove more then effective in comedies, Noir and straight drama. He’s an actor I never tire of revisiting. He had such a calm demeanor and likability in many of his roles that worked to his advantage in a career that lasted over fifty years.

It’s impossible not to connect Glenn with Rita….., “I hated her so I couldn’t get her out of my mind for a minute. “


A great one sheet….. ” If you get tired of it here, why don’t you walk out? “

man from alamo

Not quite Indiana Jones but it’ll do.

Plunder of the sun

Perhaps Glenn’s biggest impact was an early version of a cop in the Dirty Harry mold. Fritz Lang style.

“You know, I’ve been meetin’ your kind every day for ten years… scared rabbits that never see anything. You wouldn’t stick out your big, fat neck for anybody, would you? “

big heat one sheet

“I’m through with you – but your friends aren’t. I’m going to spread the word that you talked. You’re out of business, thief. “

big heat insert

At the head of a first rate cast. ” Don’t force me to fight because you won’t like my way of fighting. “

the violent men half sheet

Classic Ford western from Delmer Daves with a top notch cast along for the ride.

jubal half

Teaming with another of my personal favorites in ’58.


Playing it light with the ladies and Ronnie Howard.

eddie's father

Sticking with the western into the late sixties. ” Of all the people I know who ain’t worth saving, you’re the first one to come to my mind. “


If you already haven’t discovered the films of Glenn Ford, you’ll have plenty of great viewing hours ahead. Lucky you!

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