The idea for this post came about in a rather simple way. I made a comment to my number 2 son, Kirk that I vaguely recall a commercial or two advertising a cologne called Hai Karate where some guy had to fend off girls after applying a dose of the perfume. I mentioned this as I’m proud to say Kirk is a second degree black belt and he’s been training for years. He promptly hit the youtube site and started laughing. I did right along with him and quickly went into my authoritative film historian routine when I realized the girl in the ads was indeed Miss Leon, star of Blood From the Mummy’s Tomb. An interesting addition to the Hammer catalogue of the early seventies.


I’ll admit to the fact that I don’t think of Valerie as quick as I do some of the other ladies associated with the Studio That Dripped Blood. Those names are usually Veronica Carlson, Caroline Munro and Ingrid Pitt. Looking over Valerie’s list of credits, I realize I have seen her in a few other titles and see she was also associated with the Carry on pictures which usually cast Sidney James, Barbara Windsor and Kenneth Williams in all kinds of sexual hijinks. A Pink Panther movie, Bond titles and The Wild Geese are in there as well.

It’s too bad Miss Leone wasn’t in Pittsburgh a couple years ago where I attended a Hammer film fest and had the opportunity to meet Miss Munro and Miss Beswick and of course have them sign some of my personal one sheets from the vault here at home.

me-and-munro me-and-beswicke

I do wish I had this one sheet in the collection but now the longer I wait, the higher the price tag.


As fun and silly as these ads are, I just can’t figure out why this guy wouldn’t welcome Miss Leon into his personal space. I know ladies, that’s exactly what you thought I’d say. Anyway, have a look and laugh.

This first one could almost be a tie in and perhaps was to her Hammer film appearance.

For the boys who made it this far, care to switch places with Chief Inspector Dreyfuss and see what Valerie has in mind?