Every now and then I’ll mention my love of classic country music and it’s time to feature five films associated with the genre. Country music stars have proven to be interesting topics for films. As recently as Johnny Cash being portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix in Walk The Line which garnered Reese Witherspoon an Oscar for playing June Carter Cash. Years ago George Hamilton took a shot at playing Hank Williams with Hank Jr. singing on the soundtrack.

Speaking of an Oscar, let’s not forget that Sissy Spacek won one for her performance as Loretta Lynn in Coal Miner’s Daughter. Jessica Lange did a great job as Patsy Cline in Sweet Dreams.

spacek and lynn

Both Robert Duvall and Jeff Bridges won Academy Awards for playing fictional country singers in Tender Mercies and Crazy Heart. Clint Eastwood went through what I call his country music period in the late seventies featuring many hit makers on his soundtracks. Singers like Charlie Rich, Mel Tillis and Merle Haggard appeared in his Philo Beddoe films.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to someday see films produced on the lives of Haggard or Jones. Perhaps one on the Willie and Waylon outlaw movement. A Dolly Parton film though that may need some CGI “enhancement.”


So on April 20th I am going to do a five day run featuring films that in some way are connected to the music that I grew up listening to and still pick on the guitar when the band reunites. Maybe someday me and the boys will find ourselves on a “mission from God” and turn into musical outlaws on the run from crazed Nazi’s and a gun toting ex-girlfriend.

“Tune” in for everything from a western featuring both a country legend and a Hollywood icon to a musical horror film from the sixties.


Y’all come back now you here.