At a recent book sell off I found this title buried on a table of biographies. The word Hollywood grabbed my attention as did the list of credits that Mr. Marshall has to his name. Joining Garry in this self penned memoir is his daughter Lori as a co-writer.

Here’s a fun read with an amazingly positive outlook on life that kept me turning the pages. Throw in some great TV titles that Garry was involved in either early in his career as a comedy writer or later as the producer, there are plenty of behind the scenes stories to enjoy. From his early days writing for the likes of Joey Bishop and Lucille Ball to sitting in the producers chair of now classic shows like The Odd Couple and Happy Days we meet some of the fun characters he worked with over the years. This includes his sister Penny Marshall on his hit show Laverne and Shirley. How about the early days of an up and coming fireball by the name of Robin Williams? He’s in here too.

odd couple

Balancing a family life and showbiz Garry eventually moves in to feature films as a director with varying success and is the fist to admit some turned out well and others didn’t quite hit the mark he had hoped for. The films he chooses to make are generally fun and upbeat ranging from his first title Young Doctors in Love to The Princess Diaries. He directed the smash hit Pretty Woman and speaks highly of the many leading ladies he has worked with including Julia Roberts and mother-daughter team Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson. He worked with Goldie and Kurt Russell on Overboard which has always been a favorite of my kids growing up.


No dirt to be thrown around here. This is a nice memoir of a man who has spent his life entertaining us with a winning attitude who continually looks to better himself with each project. It’s nice to read a book on Hollywood by someone who has good things to say about his industry and those he has worked with over the years from new faces to directing the final film of The Great One, Jackie Gleason.

If you come across this one it’s worth the time.