Spook Busters (1946)

Monogram studios from poverty row made a slew of low budget films utilizing everyone from Bela Lugosi to Leo Gorcey and the Bowery Boys featuring Huntz Hall. For this entry […]

The Malta Story (1953)

Alec Guinness was generally in a great run of comedies for Ealing Studios when he made this venture into war torn drama with a love interest thrown in for good […]

Maximilian Schell Oscar Winner

Arriving home today I turned on the internet only to find that Mr. Schell had just died at the age of 83. Another fine actor has been lost to the […]

Calcutta (1947)

From Paramount studios comes another Alan Ladd thriller where he tangles with foreign police, a beautiful club singer, his old pal William Bendix and a lovely but possibly lethal leading […]

The Ultimate Warrior (1975)

It is an accepted fact that Johnny Cash is The Man in Black. Agreed. However when it comes to the world of movies look no further than Yul Brynner for […]

Crime of Passion (1957)

A match made in Noir heaven. Barbara Stanwyck and Sterling Hayden! Now if we only had a script worthy of this monumental pairing. I don’t mean to sound disappointed but […]

The Incubus (1981)

I have always been fascinated with John Cassavetes on screen from my earliest memory of seeing him as Victor Franko in The Dirty Dozen to recently sitting thru his entire […]

Golden Rendezvous (1977)

Alistair MacLean wrote quite a few novels that were turned into motion pictures and a few of them quite successfully with The Guns of Navarone leading the way.┬áThis one turned […]

Man In The Dark (1953)

Edmond O’Brien. The name alone puts us right into the world of Noir cinema. Star of The Killers, White Heat and D.O.A. to name a few. This time out Eddie […]

Bride By Mistake (1944)

From RKO studios comes along this light bit of fluff starring the very attractive Laraine Day. Not exactly a classic screwball comedy but diverting enough for 81 minutes of your […]

The Fourth War (1990)

If you grew up in the shadow of Jaws like yours truly then just like me you pretty much think Roy Scheider was one of the coolest guys on the […]

Corruption (1968)

Something a little different from the career of Peter Cushing films in that it is much more of a modern day slasher film and less of a fantasy/horror film that […]

The Mayor of Hell (1933)

There is nothing quite like watching the Warner Brothers BIG 3 acting tough (Eddie, Bogie and Jimmy-sorry George) and this time out we get James Cagney and the Dead End […]

The Collector (1965)

From legendary director William Wyler, the man responsible for films ranging from The Heiress to Ben-Hur and countless other landmark titles comes this gripping thriller that I am almost ashamed […]