The Black Castle (1952)

Here is somewhat of a departure for Noir/Western themed actor Stephen McNally. For this Universal International release he gets to ham it up immensely as Count Karl von Bruno who […]

Video Introduction

Yours truly fumbling my way through a video introduction. Remember I love watching films and do not claim to be an actor or director. 🙂

Across 110th Street (1972)

This violent seventies film jump starts very quickly as 3 men out to make a quick score take down a money exchange between the Harlem mob and the local Italian […]

Money From Home (1953)

In their 10th starring vehicle together Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis headline this 3D production based on a story from Damon Runyon. Like any Runyon story we get gamblers, gangsters […]

Live Takes From St. Lucia Coming Up

Hello all. Provided my travel arrangements go smoothly sometime on Monday I will commence with five consecutive days of live takes from a much warmer place than I am used […]

Ride Clear of Diablo (1954)

There is nothing quite like hearing a good Dan Duryea laugh or cackle if you prefer. In this Audie Murphy western we get plenty of Duryea playing just the type […]

Ralph Waite Memories

Growing up a film fan there comes a time when you start recognizing faces and connect the dots. For me Waite was just the father on a television show that […]

Grizzly (1976)

At an impressionable age I saw both Jaws and Grizzly and to this day I will watch any footage of either of these large predators on Discovery channel. Must be […]

RKO 281 (1999)

There are so many genres of movies that I enjoy and as a student of film history I do indeed love a good film about the making of films. That’s […]

The Black Windmill (1974)

By the time director Don Siegel filmed this British production his place was secure in cinema history. He was responsible for giving us gritty gangster flicks like The Line-up, a […]

Cow Country (1953)

This black and white oater comes to us from Allied Artists and director Lesley Selander with Edmond O’Brien taking the lead role in this western story of the cattle industry and it’s […]