Bottom line. October is a good excuse to start combing the shelves here in the movie room at Mike’s Take for some horror films I’ve loved and enjoyed, unearth some seldom scene title or go for broke and watch something totally new to me.

Still I like to sprinkle a few other titles in amongst the scares and with my Mother visiting from the East Coast of Canada I had to go easy some nights on the scares as she’s a movie fan herself. Gave me a chance to watch a few more of those Perry Mason Movie Mysteries I’ve been working my way through.

A journey once again to Monster Bash in Pennsylvania yielded a bevy of titles to sit in on including a day devoted mainly to classic Fay Wray titles.

Here we go ….

Contract on Cherry Street – Frank Sinatra heads a top cast as a cop looking to take down a mob run organization.

Uninvited – low budget fun with George Kennedy, Clu Gulager and a mutant kitty cat.

The House of the Seven Hawks – Robert Taylor actioner from his later years.

Crazy Rich Asians   (2018)

Had a great time watching this one and what a wonderful role and performance by Constance Wu. Had no idea that Michelle Yeoh was going to be so cold and heartless. Well almost…. It’s a Cinderella story for the modern age and Ken Jeong turns up to give us some slapstick laughs. It’s a winner and glad I took the time to sit in on this one with the little woman here at home. I can see why this one scored a bullseye at the box-office. I have a feeling this is one that in the future I’ll find while channel surfing and settle in for another viewing. Now where did I put that damned Kleenex box?

The Ghost Breakers – Bob Hope goes hunting ghosts and zombies with Paulette Goddard by his side.

Mausoleum – Breasts and Marjoe Gortner highlight this 80’s thriller.

The Infiltrator   (2016)

Highly recommended! Ok, now that I’ve got that out of the way, Bryan Cranston, nails this role of a deep cover informant looking to take down drug lord Benjamin Bratt’s organization by posing as a money launderer with an equally impressive John Leguizamo as his contact on the inside. Agent Diane Kruger gets recruited to play along as Cranston’s fiancé as they get in deeper with Bratt’s family. Violent when it needs to be but serious in tone and not a fly by night action flick. Loved it and can’t wait to watch it again. Directed by Brad Furman and based on a true story. 

Dark Places – Christopher Lee, Joan Collins and Herbert Lom make this a worthwhile watch if you can locate a copy.

Firefox – Clint Eastwood takes to the skies in this espionage effort.

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken – Covered this one before but it’s a childhood favorite and always welcome on my TV.

White Line Fever – Previously reviewed but love to revisit this one.

Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay – Dreamy tale of a vampire like coven made for the boys.

Edge of Eternity – Another fine effort from director Don Siegel starring Cornel Wilde.

A trip to Monster Bash reviewed with no less than 12 movies enjoyed.

One For the Money   (2012)

Bubbly Katherine Heigl takes the lead as a down and out worker who turns to the world of bounty hunting to earn a living. It’s a rom com of sorts when she’s assigned to bring in a cop on the run who has jumped his bail played by Jason O’Mara. Doesn’t hurt the plot that he happens to have had a one night stand with Miss Heigl and she still holds a grudge/flame for him. Kind of a messy plot and truthfully I wasn’t sure what the hell was going on at times but I kind of like Heigl and I definitely like both John Leguizamo and Debbie Reynolds, both of whom are making an appearance. 

The Disembodied – Allison Hayes does a voodoo dance for the male members of the paying audience.

Murder, He Says – Screwball comedy thriller with Fred MacMurray trying to stay alive and find a small fortune comes recommended.

Island of Terror – Peter Cushing takes on some bone munching silicates in this cult fave.

Man of the Year   (2006)

Most anytime I watch a movie starring Robin Williams since his death I pause and wish he was still bringing laughter to each and every corner of our world. Good movie or bad. Or indifferent which is ultimately what this one becomes for me because it can’t make it’s mind up whether it’s a straight forward comedy of a talk show host running for the Presidency or a conspiracy theory movie with dramatic overtones where Laura Linney’s character is concerned. I like Miss Linney but feel this one should have stuck to the comical angle with Robin and Christopher Walken as his best buddy/agent. Seriously, who better than Williams to poke fun at the political world? Of course it’s impossible not to think of what’s going on in the White House these days while watching Robin take the reigns throughout the film and especially in the film’s debate. No I’m not about to make any political statements here. Maybe I’ll start a second blog someday to launch my own bid for the presidency. Wait, I can’t do that. I’m a Canadian living north of the U.S. border.

Day of the Animals – Nice cast led by Christopher George taking a nature walk gone wrong.

A pair of misleading titles to round up the thrills, The Devil’s Playground and The Dead Don’t Dream.

Peppermint   (2018)

I for one have always liked Jennifer Garner in romcoms so this change of pace allowed me to see her kick ass in a role usually reserved for a tough guy along the lines of Liam Neeson. Not surprisingly it’s from the director of Taken. Garner sees her husband and child murdered by a drug cartel and when she’s left with no justice from the judicial system she turns into any combination of Liam, Arnold, Sly, Bruce and Clint taking her battle to the streets after a five year hiatus off the grid to do some serious training. Plenty of jumps in plot points but I got what I wanted which was  some serious action and vigilante justice from Miss Garner in a film I’d like to call Death Wish : The Girl Next Door.

Lastly for those keeping score I watched another five of those Perry Mason Movie Mysteries that Raymond Burr made in the late 80’s and 90’s Among the victims were Vanessa Williams, David Warner and Pernell Roberts while suspects included Debbie Reynolds, Ian McShane, Angela Bassett, Ian Bannen and Yvette Mimieux. Even the one time Oscar winner for 1942’s Mrs. Miniver, Teresa Wright turns up in one of these made for TV mysteries. Of course that’s what makes these such fun, all the guest stars that verbally spar with Burr.