I can’t speak for anyone else but I still know the exact moment I fell for the dark haired beauty who hailed from London, England. The VHS age was upon us which resulted in this teenage boy finally getting to see the Kirk Doulas big screen epic that promised gladiators, blood and legions of Roman armies battling against my hero Kirk Douglas and his ragtag group of guerilla fighters that included Tony Curtis and John Ireland. I even recognized Woody Strode’s name in the credits. Once the film began it took me all of a few seconds to be enraptured by the tenderness of Varinia the slave girl who would go on to capture the heart of Spartacus as well as yours truly.

To this day I still look upon Stanley Kubrick’s film as a love story at heart and after years of repeated viewings I’m still caught up in Miss Simmon’s on screen beauty and the performance she gives in this magnificent film that helped to break the blacklist.

I’ve been meaning to share my love of Jean Simmons here at Mike’s Take for far too long and thanks to Laura over at Phyllis Loves Classic Movies and Virginie at The Wonderful World of Cinema I’m doing just that. They’ve taken the time to pay tribute to this wonderful actress by hosting the 90 Years of Jean Simmons Blogathon. Be sure to follow the links and see what others have to say about the lady who melted this wannabe tough guy’s heart all those years ago.

1950 brought So Long at the Fair with Jean opposite Dirk Bogarde.

Tangling with Robert Mitchum in a pair of early 50’s flicks, She Couldn’t Say No and Angel Face.

“Are you accusing me? “

Teamed with Vic Mature in a pair of releases around those Mitchum titles.


Just who is this Granger guy threatening the lovely Miss Simmons?

A second go around with Brando in Guys and Dolls following Desiree.

Adding the name Paul Newman to her long list of accomplished co-stars.

A front row seat for Jean opposite Burt’s Oscar winning performance.

Rounding out a top notch cast of legendary names for some weekend fun.

I’ve yet to see this dramatic turn from Miss Simmons. Any fans?

Going west with Dino and Mr. Peppard.

Plenty of other titles I could have featured here and maybe I’ve missed your favorite all together. I do apologize but so many fine posters and images to choose from. Hope you won’t mind but I did go digging through the archives here at the headquarters of Mike’s Take and I’ve located a couple of classic one sheets of my own to share of the lovely Jean Simmons. Forgive me but it’s the only way I’ll ever get my “mug” into the same frame as this lovely lady.


Now please take the time to scroll back up and follow those links to read more about this beautiful woman who graced the silver screen.