The New Jersey Daily News unveiled a wondrous selection of films to choose from should we decide to summon that time machine of mine I’m always referring to when looking back through old newspapers I get lucky enough to come across. Feast your eyes on these well known titles all playing at the same time and a few lesser known ones. Then of course there’s the ones nobody talks about today at all nor will they admit to seeing them back in ’78.

Right out of the gate I know for a fact I saw this one on the big screen. I may have been just a kid but the long shadow of Spielberg’s film had by this time captivated me making the first film one of two I refer to as my all time favorites.

“The Burt” was a Hollywood King back at this time and was definitely on a roll with girlfriend Sally Field on his arm.

Aside from calling this one a “dazzler” the ad doesn’t tell us much about this great Walter Hill feature.

I guess Jimmy Stewart doesn’t sell tickets anymore. One of his final appearances is in this latter day Lassie flick. Be sure to take us kiddies down to the show as the famous canine is on stage in person every show!

Great cast in this well known comedy of the day.

I never quite caught on to this Faye effort that featured a young Tommy Lee Jones. Maybe a revisit might do it some justice.

For those that can’t get enough….. and those that can’t wait for the continuation. I know I’m in the minority but I’ll be off to see the continuing saga of Damien Thorn.


Proof positive that the guy from Star Wars headlined another movie.

I have no idea why but I’ve yet to see this Chevy – Goldie comedy but I can say it’s on my shelf here in the movie room. I guess I’m a little overdue!

I won’t swear to it but I’m pretty certain my Dad took me to see Candleshoe at the theater. Probably while Mom was working afternoons. 


Like Jimmy, Tony Curtis doesn’t seem to add any weight to the ad for the Bears’ trip to Japan, their third go around on the big screen.

Is it still the word?

Here’s another title I’ve never seen and unless I want to finalize my Donald Pleasence scorecard, I not likely ever will. No particular reason aside from it’s never really interested me.

How about a sure fire hit to spend your money on.

Been saving this one as it’s the one double bill I’m sure to be bugging my parents to go see had I known of it’s existence. But then maybe it never played north of the border due to the tariff situation.

Ok, who’s been waiting for the titles no one will admit to actually seeing? Well here they are with the marketing catchphrases to bring in the box office dollars. Anyone want to own up to being a leg man?

While I remember the stupidity of The Gong Show, I can’t recall much about it or our leading lady Carol Connors, star of Candy that is apparently one of those all too rare films which has to be true if the esteemed Hustler Magazine says so.

Let’s close it out with a selection of titles including the cult hit of the decade starring Mr. Tim Curry and some other musical flavored ventures.