Having made the trip to a classic monsters film festival in Mars PA is easily the highlight of the month where movies are concerned. A month that saw the Stanley Cup awarded to the Washington Capitals which I watched to the very end while the World Cup of Soccer kicked off garnering zero attention from yours truly. This is hockey territory and I’ve always said that the day Team Canada makes the soccer tourney, I’ll tune in. As for the cup? It turns us grown men into little boys.

Now on to the movies both old and new(er).

They Came to Rob Las Vegas – Jack Palance never fails to draw me in. Elke Sommer adds the eye candy.

The Killer Elite – Caan + Duvall x Peckinpah = Dynamite

The Man Who Could Cheat Death – Underappreciated Hammer Films entry

Jack Reacher : Never Go Back   (2016)

Seeing the movie after just having just read this novel, the 18th in Lee Child’s series of ex military cop Jack Reacher’s violent adventures journeying across America reminded me of one thing. The movies sometimes take a huge amount of liberties with their source novel. Everyone who has read the novels knows that Reacher is built like Dwayne Johnson so seeing Tom Cruise as the character is a bit disappointing. Still I don’t really have a problem with it overall. Doesn’t ruin my enjoyment of the books. As for the movie? Forgettable and I’m guessing about 25% of the movie actually comes from the book. CGI critic that I am, there’s a really bad bit here where Tom and his foe turn briefly into cartoons as Tom throws him off a roof. What’s it about? Read up on it and find out for yourself. I’m no spoiler.

A Pair of Stakeouts with Dreyfuss and Estevez

Web of the Spider – Klaus Kinski as Edgar Allen Poe….. nuff said.

The Mummy   (2017)

I’m a sucker for punishment. Loving the classic Kharis flicks as I do from the 1940’s I had to see what Universal conjured up in this so called reboot. It’s no wonder it bombed and the plug was quickly pulled on the proposed Dark Universe series. It’s a mess and while Cruise plays it fast and loose for the first stanza, he gets buried under the weight of a terrible script and the addition of Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll who is at odds with his alter ego Mr. Hyde is just embarrassing. The whole experience had me wishing for better days with Hugh Jackman in Van Helsing. What the hell am I saying! This movie really screwed me up.

Absolution – Richard Burton thriller I’d like to recommend

Kong : Skull Island   (2017)

Previously reviewed, here’s what I had to say ………. My monthly visit to a theater was an easy choice. The latest big screen appearance of Kong just 84 years after he made his debut makes him one of the longest reigning stars of the silver screen. Serving as a prequel to the story we’re familiar with, I loved the set up for this one. John Goodman pleads his case to the proper politicians about what might be found on this unchartered island. They promptly assign Samuel L. Jackson’s elite unit to assist Goodman in exploring the unknown land. The film takes place in the seventies as the U.S. are abandoning Vietnam. The assignment gives Jackson’s career soldier another chance at battle and as the film evolves, he’s the villain and not the big guy. Liked the film, John C. Reilly’s character holds it all together and he pretty much steals the film. Whenever you do get to see it, don’t leave once the credits begin to roll. There’s a nice surprise waiting at the very end of the credits but I’m not playing spoiler.

Conquest of Space – love me that 50’s sci-fi era stuff

Johnny Apollo – Tyrone Power romances Dorothy Lamour and tangles with Lloyd Nolan. Gangster style.

Murder On The Orient Express   (2017)

Kenneth Branagh directs, stars as Hercule Poirot and sports a manstache in this fun retelling of the Agatha Christie mystery. All aboard with Johnny Depp, Willem Dafoe, Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench, Derek Jacobi and Michelle Pfeiffer to find out who will be the victim and who Branagh will unveil as the killer. A throwback to the mystery series that populated the theaters of the 30’s and 40’s causing me to come away from this one thoroughly entertained. I’ll look forward to Branagh assembling another fun cast for the proposed follow up, Death On The Nile. Time to go revisit my Peter Ustinov collection as Poirot to get in the mood for Branagh’s second go around.

The Shaggy Dog – Brando’s Pick of the Month a canine classic with Fred MacMurray

One Million B.C. – Vic Mature and Lon Chaney take on some hungry dino’s the same year that Raquel was born.

Man Down   (2015)

Despite a twisted narration that eventually unveils it’s reasoning, I found this Shia LaBeouf effort to be a gripping tale of an army veteran who has a hard time coming to grips with two major incidents that take him to the edge of his own sanity. This one drew me in and played with my emotions by the time we got to the fadeout. Shia is excellent and the material tough in what becomes a message film. It’s Gary Oldman’s name on the cast list that initially caught my eye and he doesn’t disappoint as an army interrogator. Recommended provided you stick with it to see where it takes you. 

Marty – The great underdog Ernie Borgnine finds love and wins an Oscar.

Off to Monster Bash and watching 9 movies in total with other classic monster fans. For some mini reviews and comments click Page one ……. Page two

Comments or otherwise on the more recent titles? Seen any of the older flicks?

Gotta go as I’m about to embark on a western frenzy featuring one of my favorite gals of yesteryear.