For the next week or so I’m spelling it beginning with an R for road trip as I head to the province of Nova Scotia to visit family. Yes Mike’s Take will take a short sabbatical but will return in June along with little Brando for more classic movies and memorabilia adventures.

So here’s a tribute to some of the movies that feature folks hitting the road for fun and misadventure.

How about everybody’s favorite tale of a mismatched pair trying to get home to family on Thanksgiving. I dare you to tell me you never shed a tear at the end of this one featuring Steve Martin and Canada’s own, the late great John Candy.

One thing I’ll try to avoid is a Rutger Hauer look-a-like hitching a ride somewhere between Quebec City and New Brunswick.

Not to mention Edmond O’Brien and Frank Lovejoy’s worst nightmare in the form of William Talman in Ida Lupino’s excellently directed thriller.

I’m quite sure that Miss Colbert could get me to pull over to the side of the road and am pretty sure my sister who is travelling with me wouldn’t object to sharing the backseat with Clark Gable either.

Is it possible Veronica and Joel might pass me in the fast lane?

Bob, Bing and Dorothy anyone?

Without a doubt I’m sure to run into one of these along the way commanded by Charles McGraw.

Not to mention the sure thing they call a ………….

Cross country train trips are out ever since seeing Emperor of the North as a kid and just how vicious conductors like Ernie can be if you don’t produce a ticket pronto.

Beware the crooked road and gun wielding Mickey Rooney wannabes.

Can’t say we won’t pull over at a Road House along the journey and enjoy some food and drink. If we do I’ll keep my eyes peeled for this foursome.

If I arrive in Nashville I guess I’ll know I’ve taken the wrong road somewhere though I’d love to turn the clock back and see Marty Robbins perform.

If I see these three stooges on the side of the road thumbing for a ride, what should I do?

Now on the flip side of those three above, here’s one from the past with my beloved Samson. If you see this guy, his trusty dog and his beat up old Martin thumbing a ride, I’d like to think you’d stop and give us all a lift.

Cheers to one and all and thanks as always for taking the time to drop in and say hi.