Flashback time once again thanks to getting my hands on a Toronto newspaper that featured plenty of viewing choices for the movie going crowds. Everything from rereleases to the newest films and even one of “those’ cinemas for the trench coat crowd.

I for one have a marvelous time looking back at these theater offerings and double bills or all night drive-in affairs. For a nostalgic look at some of my previous Now Playing editions, click here.

As we’re closing in on Halloween in this newspaper it only makes sense to offer up some scares and if only this was available to me today, I’d be heading right down for a 5 pack of Vincent Price terrors. Anyone care to join me? Maybe after the show we can stop at the House of Horrors on Danforth.

Not really my style but if you want to see Fiddler, now’s your chance.

Had to do a little research on this one. Not a title I’m familiar with but a trio of well known faces in here just one year before Mr. Caan would find everlasting fame as Sonny Corleone.

When I was a kiddie, Billy Jack sounded like a cool cat all dressed in black, karate kicking his way through the establishment. Now it’s one of those time capsules I think you had to live through to really get anything out of it. Sorry Billy. For the record, Medicine Ball sounds like another time capsule of the musical nature.

Children’s fare in rerelease?

Connery breaking out of the Bond stereotype or how about Garbo? Maybe Audrey? Such was theater going life before the VHS tape practically made wide release of older titles a mute point. No Audrey isn’t in Africa Erotica either. Get your mind out of the gutter gentleman.

Here’s the selections for the art house crowd including a Jack Nicholson directed effort, Drive He Said.

Sidney’s back as Mr. Tibbs or how about that interesting title with Rod Taylor? After a quick check, perhaps The Seven Minutes might be the best choice here. Russ Meyer, John Carradine and Tom Selleck!!!

Jane wins an Oscar, Ernie meets Willard, Kubrick or Altman. Me? I’m checking out the rat infestation flick.

Another Nicholson option is that risqué flick that apparently has Ann-Margret doing unspeakable things. And really, when is the last time a film has played for 14 weeks as this ad points out. Nowadays a film is already slated for home release after about 12. Maybe you’d rather play it safe with Matthau but then again there is that insect documentary playing.

And so begins our journey into the red light district of movie going after that MASH listing that also has the Mephisto Waltz playing along as an added feature. One I personally would like to recommend if you haven’t already seen it. Isn’t it ironic that it’s leading man is Alan Alda who would of course go on to world wide fame in the TV version of MASH.

This theater has something for everyone. Another Connery outing that I’ve always thought a bit overrated playing with Goldie’s big screen breakthrough. Summer of ’42 that I’ve heard about but have yet to see and then we have the gotta see it flick that Hawkeye Pierce would be showing in the swamp if given a chance, the filmed in Denmark, Without a Stitch. I wonder if it was held over for 14 straight weeks?

Not going to church on Sunday? If you’re thinking of attending this marathon then perhaps you should be.

Till the next time I find an old newspaper copy, this has been a nostalgic pleasure from the vault here at Mike’s Take.