Every year I celebrate Boxing Day, December 26th in a couple of ways. First off I usually drop too much coin on movies and memorabilia that finds it’s way into the vault here at Mike’s Take and secondly I feature a few actors and maybe even some true life boxers who found themselves in the square jungle looking for glory. Real or imagined. For a look at previous editions of select actors with the gloves on, feel free to jump into the ring with them by pressing click right here. 

As for the “fighters”…… here we go.

I don’t think it’s too hard to imagine Jack Palance in the ring and there’s no way I’d have tried to go 3 rounds with him.

How about Dewey Martin getting some fine pointers in between rounds from Keenan Wynn and Earl Holliman?

The blue eyed icon, Paul Newman, in black in white as Rocky Graziano.

Laying down on the job or asleep at the wheel? Ollie isn’t very happy with his buddy Stan.

Buster looking rather dapper with the hat on and ready to spar.

Who is that cowboy with his hands in the air? That’s your winner by decision, Mickey Rourke!

I’d bet my money on Lee Marvin if given the chance.

Anyone up for a few pints after Ollie Reed dusts off British Heavyweight, Billy Walker?

Now let’s get real with two guys who could take the above “boxers” apart.

Back when I was a rabid fight fan, this proved to be a trilogy for the ages, Irish Mickey Ward vs. Arturo “Thunder” Gatti. They left it all in the ring and we fans got our money’s worth. When the dust settled and the fights ended there was something special in the fact that Ward was in Gatti’s corner watching his back for “Thunder’s” next fight.