A slower month when it came to more recent titles but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to see them. It’s just that I so love those classics. On to the movies…..

Rio Conchos – Richard Boone rocks the west

Silver Bullet – Gary Busey meets Stephen King

The Enchanted Cottage – Robert Young and Dorothy McGuire weeper


Extraction (2015) – One of the many movies I see popping up in the action market starring Bruce Willis that never saw the inside of a movie theater. Lame, embarrassing and poorly made with Bruce probably putting in a three day work week to complete his scenes. He’s a government agent who gets caught by some nastys but thankfully his son is also a tactical agent and he goes looking for Dad taking along gorgeous Gina Carano to assist in freeing Bruce and killing everyone in sight.

The Legacy – Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross chiller

Every now and again I’ll feature an actor or theme. It had been a while so I went on an Elliott Gould binge focusing on his 70’s output. Titles include

Busting,  Mash, Escape to Athena, Little Murders, and Capricorn One


Phantom (2011) – The movies have always had a love affair with the claustrophobia and drama that submarine movies can present. This time around it’s a tale of a Russian sub commanded by Ed Harris who gets more than he bargains for when David Duchovny is on board as a KGB agent. Mutiny and the possibility of a nuclear war threaten Harris when he refuses to give up his command to those that want to see a third world war. Not bad and the film is blessed with a cameo by Lance Henriksen and a solid role for William Fichtner.

3:10 to Yuma – Gets better with age and every viewing. Glenn Ford vs. Van Heflin.


Ride Along 2  (2015) – More fun with Kevin Hart as an overly excited police recruit trying to impress everyone from his fiancé to her tough as nails brother and no nonsense detective Ice Cube. Bruce McGill and Benjamin Bratt get in on the action that sees the duo trying to take down a well liked philanthropist with some shady business deals going on. Fun and family friendly. Isn’t that what counts?

Background to Danger – George Raft tangles with Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet making this a fun Casablanca influenced wannabe.

Roller Derby Double Bill …. Kansas City Bomber and The Unholy Rollers

Johnny Come Lately – Jimmy Cagney delight.

Beware the Blob – The one and only Larry Hagman directed movie. No kidding!

The Protector – Early attempt by Jackie Chan to find a North American audience.

Bad Boy – Audie Murphy takes on his first starring role.


The Last Stand  (2013) Second time around for this totally watchable return to the screen for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Small town sheriff takes on a drug cartel leader attempting to get back to Mexico and freedom. Great cast surrounds Arnie here in this action packed fest. Scene stealers include Peter Stormare and Luis Guzman. We also get Johnny Knoxville, Forest Whitaker and even Harry Dean Stanton gets a few lines as he verbally spars with Stormare. Give this one a look if you already haven’t.

The Three Stooges – Bio-pic seems to be made by people who care about the comedy teams legacy.

A Yank in the R.A.F. – Tyrone Power tangles with both the German forces and Betty Grable.

The Scarlet Empress – Marlene Dietrich captivates me


People I Know   (2004) – Solid work here by Al Pacino as a New York publicist. He’s on the tale end of his career still trying to be relevant in a changing industry. The plot doesn’t quite hold up with a murder mystery and shady politics thrown at the screen. Pacino is the whole show and makes it worthwhile though we do get Ryan O’Neal, Teo Leoni and the stunning as always Kim Basinger turning up in a nice supporting role.


Lastly I had a chance to see The Good, The Bad and the Ugly on the big screen at a one night showing here in my hometown on the final night of the month. Not much I can say about this Leone classic that sees Eli Wallach steal scene after scene that hasn’t already been said. What I can share is that my number 1 son Ethan joined in and reminded me that about ten years ago when I first introduced him to the film I pointed out that I’d love to someday see this on the big screen for that final segment when Morricone’s music reigns supreme and Eli runs through that cemetery looking for the marker that says Arch Stanton. “You finally got your wish Dad.”