Not an easy thing to put together tonight friends. But it is with a deep love and affection that I shine the light on man’s best friend. For me this gallery serves as a form of therapy today.

In our home’s case it has been a Saint Bernard for over twenty years. Four furry friends in total equaling almost 800 pounds of loyalty and love.


Handsome Samson was born in October of 2005 making him slightly over ten and a half years old. Sadly, his body couldn’t keep up with his inner spirit, warm eyes and wagging tail. We lost him today and while this is the toughest of posts, I wanted to shine the light on the gentleness of one of the largest breeds of dogs known to man.

For those of you who offer a dog a good home and love, God bless you. For those who have pondered giving a dog, big or small a loving home, go for it as the rewards and affection received in return are plentiful.

Miss Shirley showing us just how easy it is to handle these big guys.

shirley temple and saint

Donna Reed with the cutest of puppies.  Believe me they grow fast and they grow large.

donna reed and dogs

Buster and one of the big ones.

Lazing about, Gary Cooper and pal taking an afternoon nap.

coop and saint

Who’s more lovable in this ad?

carson and dog

Miss Betty and woman’s best friend.

bette white and saint

Call of the Wild 1935 …… Gable ……


and co-star Loretta

loretta youmg and saint

Even as a kid long before I actually owned my first Saint, I was captivated by the breed thanks in part to Cujo.


The only thing I can say about this pic is…. “Been there. Done that.”


Samson Perry   October 15th 2005 – May 3rd 2016.

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