On opening day of the TCM Fest there’s a trivia competition going on so time to renew my trivial pursuit membership featuring the silver screen edition and my alter ego as quiz master. Should I join in with the many other students of film history at the fest to see how I compare? Maybe they’ll let me host instead.

ferrell on jeapardy

Card number one features questions on films from the silent era to the seventies. That should fit right in with the movies commonly seen on TCM. If I can offer just one hint here, it would be for the first question. For the conspiracy theorists, I’ve heard that Lee Harvey Oswald was called this. Please remember to answer in the form of a question.


Card number 2 offers a rare title on one of cinema’s most notable leading men from 1954 up until his death in 2008. He was nominated ten times for an Academy Award winning just once. This hint pertains to the final question on the card.


I would suggest card number 3 is the easiest of the group for any film aficionado. It’s the only one I was sure of and didn’t have to flip the card to double check my answers. I won’t give any hints here but will offer the fact that if you’ve seen that William Holden film, did you know there was an alternative opening?


The answers? Sorry not this time. Hit the books and do some studying if you are unsure. Or take a guess and read the other answers people offer up.