Sax Rohmer’s evil war Lord may never again find himself front and center in a feature film due to the world and our incessant need for politcal correctness. Does that mean I should never again watch Boris Karloff give a delightfully delicious performance as Fu in the 1932 camp classic the Mask of Fu Manchu?

boris as fu manchu

“I am a doctor of philosophy from Edinburgh, a doctor of law from Christ’s College, a doctor of medicine from Harvard. My friends, out of courtesy, call me ‘Doctor’. ”

Not likely. And let’s not forget the equally demented take from Myrna Loy as Manchu’s daughter Fah Lo See.

loy in fu manchu

“This serum, distilled from dragon’s blood, my own blood, the organs of different reptiles, and mixed with the magic brew of the sacred seven herbs, will temporarily change you into the living instrument of my will. You will do as I command! ”


Before Boris and Charlie Chan, Warner Oland essayed the role.


The good Doctor would turn up in serial form in 1940.


I did happen to see the final film of Peter Sellers at the theater. As a kid who loved Clouseau it was a must see. I’m now just a big kid who loves Clouseau!


Then along came Christopher Lee and his lovely on screen daughter played by Tsai Chin.


“You know now that I must be obeyed, that I am all-powerful.”

face of fu manchu

“Within a few moments the entire world will capitulate to me. This is the destiny of Fu Manchu. ”


I love this double bill poster. I feel like I missed out on the days of the double bill. This one would have been high on my list to attend if the poster is any indication of what awaits me in the darkest cinemas.

vengeance of fu double bill

Jess Franco then took over to give us his version of Lee as Fu.


Lee’s final go around is another Jess Franco effort. This perhaps makes an original film poster twice as collectable. The legion of Lee fans might want one and the Franco cult would probably appreciate it as well.

Think I’ll just hang on to mine as a member of the Lee fraternity.