While I may not be a Jimmy Stewart type, could it be that I have my very own Clarence the angel looking after yours truly. Maybe he even looks like Henry Travers.

James Stewart and Henry Travers in the 1946 movie 'It's a Wonderful Life.'

I may never actually know the answer to that question till my time on Earth is through. What I do know is that thanks to the fine folks at TCM, I am going to enjoy this classic film with a theater full of other excited fans at the TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood this April. I have been issued a Media Credential to attend and can`t begin to state just how excited I am to not only go to thee festival I have long dreamed of attending but to actually visit Hollywood for the very first time.

A heartfelt thank you to those responsible for taking the time to notice Mike`s Take On The Movies and making this happen. I’ve been at it for a little over two years and it’s been a wonderful extension of my movie watching, studying and memorabilia collecting hobbies.

TCM Banner

In my corner of the world, there are very few opportunities to see classic films of any era on a big screen let alone with a sold out crowd of like minded fans. That fact is going to be one of my inspirations to see as many titles as I can during the festival`s run of screening a wide range of films. Classics like The Freshman with my favorite of the silent comedians, Harold Lloyd.


Dietrich in Shanghai Express. Peter Lorre and Denholm Elliott together on screen in Scent of Mystery! Just which one of these two is going to steal the scenes from the other is anyone`s guess.

If things go smoothly, I hope to sit in and listen to Gina Lollobrigida as she introduces Trapeze from 1956 where she played opposite two of my favorite actors, Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis.


The Long Goodbye, Fat City and Keys of the Kingdom and so on.

Sitting in listening to Burt Reynolds chat about his career and introducing The Longest Yard stands pretty high on my list of things I am hoping to see first hand. This from a fan who recently put together the Burt Reynolds Starter Kit.


I`ll do my best to cram as many films in as I can and of course share my journey and viewing experiences as I go with all of you.

It`s no secret that on occasion I stick my own face into some of my posts displaying  film posters from my personal collection and have appeared in a few videos talking about various film topics over the past two years. Hopefully you to are attending the festival as well and should you happen to cross my path, say hi.

I in turn will give you a customary Canadian styled “Eh” in response with a hearty handshake.

Nice to see Yul Brynner still casting a long shadow over the history of cinema.

TCM Fest Poster2

I can`t help but hum that classic tune……. Hurray for Hollywood. Care to join me……….

TCM Festival poster