For as long as there has been showrooms and movie stars, it seem as if the two have been joined at the hip when it comes to marketing. Movie stars are a product in themselves to be marketed so why not utilize those well known faces to sell something every home in North America seems to need. A car.


Ricardo Montalban was a viable commodity on television in his later years scoring a big hit with Fantasy Island and his smooth delivery. He shocked my generation of young boys who knew him as Mr. Roarke when he appeared as the chiseled  Khan in Star Trek II.

Don Knotts was of course a regular visitor to homes via the TV set and my home was no different between Andy Griffith reruns and his feature films showing up on Sunday afternoon matinees. Then came his later union with Tim Conway in the Apple Dumpling Gang sagas and other Disney fare. Here Don puts on the tough guy act to put us into a Dodge Van.

Paul Newman has to be considered a natural choice to feature cars. Actually I think Paul would have made a great spokesperson for any reputable product. Here he is reminding us to buckle up.

Jack Palance became a regular face on TV when he began telling us of tales from Ripley. Believe it or Not. I for one have always known who Jack was it seems from my early years watching Shane with Dad. Loved that voice of his. Apparently the folks hawking the Lincoln Continental did as well.

Can a Bond incarnation sell cars? Why not! Especially if his real name is Connery…… Sean Connery.

I just had to feature this Ford Mustang commercial. When your known as the King of Cool, your always marketable. The legend lives on. 

Lastly here is a man we all know to be famous and popular because he tells us so. Ron Burgundy. He’s kind of a big deal.