Sexy? Absolutely!

welch in western garb

Rugged? Holds her own opposite the likes of Dean Martin and Jim Brown.

Deadly? Just ask a trio of low down rattle snakes going by the name of the Clemens brothers.


When Raquel was the talk of Hollywood and knocking out men across the globe with her dynamic looks she starred in a trio of westerns at a time when the western was still a viable box office option. It also allowed her to star opposite some top notch male co-stars.

In 1968 she appeared in Bandolero! In this rowdy Andrew V. McLaglen oater she found herself sharing the screen with James Stewart, being romanced by Dean Martin and pursued by George Kennedy.

bandolero 800x600

Then came 100 Rifles with Jim Brown and Burt Reynolds. Both actors would have to be considered hot properties at the time. A fine trio in this Peckinpah flavored outing.

100 rifles one sheet

Her third outing cast her in a Clint Eastwood styled role as that of the stranger with a six gun beneath the poncho. For marketing purposes the advertising campaign seemed to focus heavily on whether or not Raquel actually had anything on under that poncho other than her strapped on six shooter as the title character Hannie Caulder.

welch as hannie1

It’s a tale of revenge with a wonderful cast surrounding the lovely lass including Christopher Lee in his only credited western from director Burt Kennedy.

raquel welch christopher lee

In a great contrast we have the stunning Raquel facing off against the grimy Ernest Borgnine, Strother Martin and Jack Elam. As a fan of these three varmints, I’m happy to say I number this poster among my personal collection.

hannie caulder one sheet