There are a few actresses who always seemed to stand out to me as a kid who devoured the action films that frequently played on Sunday afternoon television. Mainly because they co starred in a fair number of titles featuring actors that I wanted to see in a new adventure. Like Maureen O’Hara, Miss Mayo was just such a lady. Naturally it didn’t hurt that she was beautiful and could play opposite Cagney, Peck, Ladd and Lancaster among so many others.

She also caught my attention in her series of outstanding musical comedies opposite Danny Kaye and also capturing Bob Hope’s roving eye in Princess and the Pirate featuring a hilarious gag at the end when she finally runs off with the man of her dreams.


Her role as Verna opposite Cagney in White Heat still stands out for me as an underrated femme fatale though not quite in the usual sense. She offers us the ultimate evil in portraying a gangster’s moll or dame if you prefer.

“I was born under a chuckwagon. Never got much higher. Anything was a step up.”


Noir flick opposite poster boys Edmond O’Brien and Dane Clark.


With Burt Lancaster in a rip roaring adventure. Love those foreign language posters.

flame and the arow poster

Playing a temptress who has bewitched Alan Ladd in The Iron Mistress.

iron mistress poster

Banking on the Mayo name for a musically good time.

back on broadway poster

The 3-D craze promises “who knows what” coming at you from the big screen.


Joining in some low budget fun with Scott Brady late in her career.