I for one couldn’t wait for Mom to bring home next weeks TV Guide so I could go through it day by day and mark the columns with red X’s to remind myself what to watch or set the VCR to tape once we got one of those in the house. Network premiers usually ensured a half page ad or on occasion the full Monty. These days my excitement is generally reserved for looking over next months TCM schedule anticipating those long lost classics or the upcoming DVD releases scheduled to hit the store shelves and find there way to my personal library.

Event Television with Jimmy Coburn and Sophia in the Michael Winner actioner.


Disaster films have plagued us both theatrically and on the small screen since the early days of film. Here’s a couple of titles that played prominently as films of the week and were promptly forgotten. Might I add for good recent. City On Fire was a Canadian production filmed in Montreal that failed to find a theatrical backer and wound up dumped on TV as a movie of the week if I recall correctly.


Here’s a grouping of half page ads from various titles I clipped out when I was filling the scrapbook so many years ago.


With these films starting nightly at 9 it was always a tug of war as to whether or not I would be allowed to see them or not. To this day I still haven’t seen Search and Destroy with George Kennedy.

Growing up on all things Heston as I have pointed out many times it was cool to find out that the man who traveled to The Planet of the Apes was coming to Canada to star in and direct a new movie. I wasn’t quite aware that his star was waning by this time and was a bit disappointed that the Motherlode never turned up at the local theater to my recollection. Thankfully the VHS solved the problem and this eerie little thriller found a way into our home for a weekend rental. Here’s an interesting article from our local newspaper dated December of 1981.


Don’t mess with Chuck’s Mother Lode! He’s warning you.