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Hello. It’s me Alex Trebek (or a close look alike) back again for another go around of Trivial Pursuit aimed at testing your knowledge of movies and the stories around them. For previous editions click here and here.

This time around we have questions featuring two of Hollywood’s greatest leading men, one of the headliners of the “method” and even one of silent cinema’s legendary names.

The first one to buzz in may go first.


The powerful performer known as Rod Steiger played the title character of question number 1. Might I add a must see.

steiger pawnbroker

Bogie as a D.A. on the warpath is worth a look and if you’re not to sure of your Bogie titles here’s a clue. While not a remake, Clint Eastwood starred in a film utilizing the same title and it’s not Pink Cadillac.

The Errol Flynn question proves to be an interesting read if you ever snag a copy of this Charles Higham book. I have no idea just how much truth there is to the allegations that are recorded on the printed page but with Flynn not around to defend himself it seems a bit unfair. It has nothing to do with whether Flynn liked his drink or the company of ladies. That we know he’s guilty of and if he were today wouldn’t deny.

Alright, I confess I got question 4 wrong. I thought the answer might have been a long leggy singer out of Germany.

Film history should thank Leslie Howard right along with Bogie who paid tribute to the late Howard by naming his son after the missing in action star and thirties heart throb.


Though Rubber Duck might be kind of a “sissy” name for a leading actor I wouldn’t call this cool looking hombre anything but a legendary performer in a variety of mediums. Click here if you can’t come up with the name for a recent take on one of his other titles.

And the answers are………………