Putting on my Alex Trebek mustache once again I have selected another card featuring a variety of topics and questions meant to exercise your mind in the art of movie trivia.


I chose this latest card because it featured five different films or topics. One learns very quickly that many of these trivia cards have 4 or 5 questions wrapped around the same title. Therefore the answer to one question might be in the very next question asked. This card featured two questions on one title but since I have such a soft spot for this Gary Cooper film it worked for me.


As is the custom there are a couple in here that might trip you up so be careful. Number 2 was one I didn’t get but when reading the answer I did the “ahhhh it figures” routine. Seen the film but other than a nice change of pace for it’s leading actor I wasn’t impressed.


If you haven’t seen ol’ Blue Eyes in None But the Brave it’s worth seeking out and is available on DVD. Decent cast with Clint Walker appearing as his co-star and a former member of The Magnificent 7, Brad Dexter.


I am also a fan of the actor who starred opposite Bogie in The Maltese Falcon. This member of the John Ford stock company had a long career appearing opposite practically every star from the glory years of Hollywood. Click here for a great write up of his career from movie pal Kristina over at Speakeasy.

If number 3 is possibly giving you fits, here’s a clue though it’s not a daily double. Jane Russell was under contract to this mysterious recluse.

Jane Russell - by George Hurrell 1943. Scanned by jane for Dr. Macro's High Quality Movie Scans website: http://www.doctormacro.com. Enjoy!

Just reading that question on Gary Cooper reminds me how fondly I recall that film where  Coop had a young Anthony Perkins starring as his son, Dorothy McGuire as his wife and the unforgettable Marjorie Main as The Widow Hudspeth. Time for a re-watch and I recommend Friendly Persuasion to one and all.

If you made your choices then look below to find the answers to today’s questionable offerings.