While I won’t take credit for knowing every answer in the famed trivia game that originated here in my home country of Canada I will say that when playing the movie edition I was quickly sought out as a team mate in a room full of people.

This was a board game that was in our home and along with Monopoly and Sorry one of the only ones I recall the entire family playing around the kitchen table. Once we added the silver screen edition to the choice of subjects I took a jump in the betting favorite though my Mom wasn’t far behind.


Scroll slowly as the answers are at the bottom.

Keeping things in an interactive mode I thought every now and then I might post a card from the game itself with it’s six questions of varying topics. Feel free to pipe in with the answers if you feel like it. Settings, Titles, Off Screen, On Screen, Producers, Portrayals.

The reason for selecting this card as my first go around on this line of posts is that three of the questions involve an actor who more than any other I have always referred to as “friend” despite never once meeting him in my life. Perhaps it’s because he was always winking at us and seemed to be having so much fun himself. The film in question is also one of the most enjoyable of his lengthy career and if you have the stomach for it it’s one of the better black comedies your likely to see.

So just what is the official name of the Creature who so deeply wanted to keep Julie Adams for himself?


If your not sure of that MGM magnate does this help?


As for the song “You Light Up My Life” I remember as a kid it was a big hit and sung by Debby Boone but I’ve never seen the film where it played prominently winning an Oscar.

Hope you got them all correct. Wow, this is as close as I’ll ever come to feeling like Alex Trebek. Or even the impostor below.

ferrell as trebek

and the answers are……..


Gotta love that second question. Trying to trip us all up!