Just a few of the many Movie Dads that came to mind on the one day of the year when we tip our hat to all the Fathers out there. Do you know all the films?

Lewis Stone and “The Mick.”


“Come on Dad.” Glenn Ford and Ronny Howard.

ron howard and glen ford

Could George Hamilton really be the son of Robert Mitchum? Seems a stretch to me.


Jimmy Stewart and some fatherly advice about the ripening of fruit. The ending of this one gets me every time. Tissue please.

jimmy in sheandoah

Learning the ropes with Dad.


Henry and Jane. Life imitating art?

henry and jane

The ultimate Father figure while manning up on the trail.


A mighty long shadow for young Michael to get out from under.

American actor Kirk Douglas (right) and his son American actor Michael Douglas on the set of the film, 'Cast a Giant Shadow,' directed by Melville Shavelson, Rome, Italy, 1965. Kirk had the starring role and Michael had a bit part. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Even the crazy Dads get a tribute. With his back to us we have Donald Pleasence teaching son Bruce Dern how to deliver the righteousness of the Lord to the wickedness of heathens like Heston. I gotta say that’s one heck of a casting dream. Pleasence and Dern!


ok here’s a front shot of Donald.

Donald Pleasence publicity portrait for the film 'Will Penny', 1968. (Photo by Paramount/Getty Images)

One of my favorite Father and son teams at the movies. Warner and Keye. “Hi’ya Pop.”

chan and son

Safe in the arms of Atticus. A nice place to be.

peck as atticus