Time for another look at some of the Dad’s that populated the films we love and in some cases revere. Maybe even a favorite or two from TV.

Who didn’t love the scene with Roy and his little guy sitting  around the dining table as Roy faces the prospect of having to meet his fears head on aboard the Orca.

“Give us a kiss.” ……….. “Why?” …………..”Cause I need it.”

scheider and son

Who better to play Pa Kent and offer sound advice to a growing super hero then Glenn Ford.

superman ford advice

Senior and Junior ……. The Bonners as played by Preston and McQueen.

prestona nd mcqueen

A couple of Johnny’s. Weissmuller and Sheffield.

Tarzan and Boy

Learning the family business first hand. Chan and number 2 son, Jimmy. Sidney Toler and Victor Sen Yung.


“The camera is right over there son. ” John and Patrick Wayne.

john and patrick wayne

Not necessarily a Dad to look up to, Coburn did cop an Oscar as the father from hell to Nick Nolte.

james coburn affliction

I’ll close with a couple TV favorites during my formative years.

andy and opie  michael landon

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Happy Father`s Day to my own dad.