When you grow up trying to catch as many movies featuring the tough guys of the thirties and forties cinema on the late late show you start to notice the actors that surround them. People like Frank McHugh and Alan Hale. Then your eyes can’t help but drift to the female leads like Ann Sherdan as you get just a bit older. Not only is she drop dead beautiful with a killer smile but she could hold her own at playing tough opposite Cagney, Bogart and Raft. From there she had me hooked.

To Bogie she says,” Well, if you’ve got any ideas about you and me, I wouldn’t advise you to let your mind dwell on them.” Now that’s classic!


To Raft she says,”You’re a nice guy. But you’ve got to remember that nice guys always leave when ladies ask them to. ”

they drive by night

In Cagney’s direction. “Why don’t you send that mind of yours out and have it dry-cleaned. ”

Poster - Torrid Zone_07

Sparring with Bette Davis. “You know, your hair could be so lovely. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on it. ”


Billed over top of Pat O’Brien and John Payne. Love this era of film posters.


Tangling with Flynn.


While the majority of films were black and white, Sheridan was born to be photographed in color. Stunning.

sheridan-goldSheridan, Ann_05C