For as long as I can recall the Halloween month has always meant scanning the tv guide to see what horrific treasures awaited me on late night television. Inevitably there was always one or two titles that caused me to set my alarm to wake up at all hours of the night in the days before my parents could afford a monstrous VCR machine.


When the machine came along it was down to any and all video stores to snag a few horror titles and have an all night fest with the kids I’d hang out with in the neighborhood.

Now of course we can find pretty much any movie if we look hard enough and are willing to shell out the money to secure them.

So for this October I am going to sprinkle in plenty of horror flicks including my mad movie challenge from Kristina at Speakeasy. I’ve given her a low budget campy effort from the mind of Jack Hill.


I am kicking off the month with a favorite Bruce Campbell flick that isn’t called The Evil Dead and co stars one of Hollywood’s most talented character actors. Also I am looking forward to running five straight days of Jack PalanceĀ  horror titles as we get to the 31st.


If things go as planned I’ll also be attending a three day Hammer film festival mid month as well in Pennsylvania. That is hopefully the months highlight.

Any Halloween favorites that you enjoy revisiting?