It’s no secret that I have always admired the not so good looking tough guys of cinema. Once the late sixties came around, guys like Lee Van Cleef became household names. There faces were well known from turning up on weekly westerns like Gunsmoke but it wasn’t until Leone put Van Cleef to work that he moved towards the cult icon status.


Much to my delight, Van Cleef turned up in a series of ads when I was discovering his films on late night television while growing up. He teamed with a slew of other well known tough guys and character actors for a set of enjoyable commercials that played up all their images. Take a couple minutes and have a look.

With John Phillip Law and John Quade

With George Kennedy

How about a little Jack Palance?

The always watchable Bo Hopkins along with Robert Tessier.

How about a face off between Lee Van and Henry Silva!